Emacs LSL Mode

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xlsl-mode is an Emacs mode for editing Linden Scripting Language.



xlsl-mode running on Microsoft Windows, showing its menu.
xlsl-mode menu
xlsl-mode running on Mac.

Syntax Coloring

Opening any file ending in “.lsl” will syntax color the file.

Reference Lookup

To lookup documentation of the word under cursor, type Ctrl+c Ctrl+r. It'll switch you to the web browser of the function's documentation page at lslwiki.net.

Type Ctrl+c Ctrl+f to lookup a second reference site. By default the second site is http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Portal.

Comment Uncomment Code

Type Alt+; to add comment. Select the text first to comment out a block of code.

Keyword Completion

Type Tab completes the word to the left of cursor to one of LSL's keyword. The keyword also includes all LSL constants (such as “ALL_SIDES”).

xlsl-keyword completion
xlsl-mode on the Mac showing command completion.

Tip: If you are looking for a function that has a name “key” in it, but you don't remember how it starts, you can type Escape Tab on a blank line, then it will list all lsl keywords. Then, you can switch cursor to the completion panel and do standard search. This works for any function or event handler or predefined CONSTANTS.

Function Templates

If your cursor is at the end of the word “llSensorRepeat”, press Tab, then it becomes:

llSensorRepeat(string name, key id, integer type, float range, float arc, float rate)

The template set supports all LSL functions.

Coloring Vectors

You can have your vector types colored by their own value. This is useful when you work with colors often, such as particle shows, dance floors.

xlsl-mode color vectors
Colored vectors.

To color, select a region, then pull the menu [LSL ▸ Color vectors in region], or type Alt+x xlsl-color-vectors-region.

To view a colored vector that's too dark, just select the text.

Convert RGB Color Format

You can convert RGB color values between hexidecimal format and LSL vector format. For example, if your cursor is on the word #cc90ff, then type Ctrl+c Ctrl+g or Alt+x xlsl-convert-rgb, then it'll become <0.8000,0.5647,1.0000>, and vice versa.

If you need a color palette, and their hexadecimal values, type Alt+x list-colors-display

Copying to Second Life

To copy the whole file content, type Ctrl+c Ctrl+c.

More Features and Customization Tips

See: Emacs LSL-mode; More Features and Customization.

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