Star Spangled Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .

US American's love and habit of Star-spangling things is reflected in Second Life as well.

flag shoes
Stars and Stripes heels.
flag top hat girl 13
A girl with Uncle Sam attire, dacing like crazy.
flag girl dancing
A girl wearing US flag swimwear and cowboy chaps, dancing the night away with a twin-dressed girl. (her best friend)
flag girl 41
flag girl 41
wonder woman 021
Wonder Woman avatar ad. This costume is built by Szentasha Salome, available at her shop the Szentasha Fashions at There are a few more on
i want you
A parody of the famous “I Want You” poster by US Army. This sign is found at: FurNation Prime 121,147,32. For the original poster, see: Star Spangled Products by US Government.