Goreans in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date:

There are hundreds, lands in Second Life sporting the Western medieval theme. (There are over 100 Gorean sims alone, as of 2008-09) In these sims, you'll find: kings and queens, knights and armors, princesses and dragons, slaves and servants, fairies and elves, sorcerers and witches, castles and fortresses …

chieftess 19
A Gorean outlaw. Another pose.
gorean hunter 21 gorean slave 15
A Gorean slaver and a slave. A Gorean is a fictional race created by John Norman. Primarly, it is known for its theme of female slavery, and the thesis that it is the natural order. Of interest is that Gor adheres to the morality of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

For more detail, see Wikipedia Master-slave morality, and Gorean Morality and Nietzsche By Luther At http://www.gor-now.net/delphius2002/id159.htm. In particular, the bottom half that paraphrases Nietzsche's writings.

gorean girls
A group of Gorean outlaws. (These are the “Panthers”, a normadic people, consist of females only, living in forests.).

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