Vexillology of World Cup 2006

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
italy ninmu flira
A girl with her head decorated by Italian colors. Photo by hckygyg. †‡ image source
wc2006 it face
Dad and son with face painted in Italy flag, wearing flag capes and flag hat. Photo by hckygyg (Michael). ‡ image source
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Two italian birds, one wih heart-shaped Italian flag on her face. Photo by Merlix. ‡4 image source
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Itanlian fans with national color wigs. (Dortmund, Germany) Photo by Hans van Reenen, 2006-06. † Source
Topless girls with torso painted in German and Sweden flags.
Topless girls with German and Sweden flags painted on their torsos. Photo by azrael74. ‡ image source
german bodypaint
Germain guy body painted in German flag. Photo by pixiebar_flickr. ‡3 image source
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Two guys with German flag attire. Photo by Arne Müseler. ‡
australian ear ring
Australia fan with a Australian earring and bandanna. Photo by hckygyg. ‡ image source
australian hat
Australia fan with a Australian bucket hat Photo by hckygyg. ‡ image source
Togo fans
Two Togo guy fans body-painted with Togo flag. (June 13th, 2006, Frankfurt am Main.?) Photo by t.klick. † image source

Togo Google Map is on the west side of Africa, its left neighbor is Ghana.

flag dressflag swimsuit