Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and White Meditation

By Xah Lee. Date: .

speaking of Burma, and burma is in the news. and lol, twitter ceo Jack says burma is a wonderful country.

Twitter CEO Caused More Regressive Outrage, You Cant Win Jack

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here's twitter CEO Jack. He did a “10-day silent vipassana meditation”. lol. the super rich r alway into that. u know? Rich, too rich, so rich, rich to the bore with pleasure. now, u need a dosage of eastern meditation. A 10 day exotic dosage.

this is Jack's bunk at Burma. Consider that the luxury hotel of burma.

and here's twitter's Jack at a Burma banquet. I assume, it's specially prepared for him. this reminds me of Hollywood stars, or rich white men in general. They seek atonement.

jesus. at day 11, when twitter Jack is out of 10-day meditation, he reconnect his mind by tuning into rap, “DAMN” album by Kendrick Lamar. He calls it his favorite poet. here's one of the song on that album note the interpretation of DNA

twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e-2
twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e

it's curious, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a very white white man. Yet, he sports a profile photo that looked like a black slave in a gladiator pit.