Joe Rogan, Tim Pool vs twitter Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde, 2019

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(Joe Rogan) Tim Pool vs twitter Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde, 2019

am 1 hour into this. Tim Pool @Timcast is spectacular. Thank you Tim for doing this.

The video is about twitter censorship towards US Conservatives.

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde and Tim Pool
Streamed live on Mar 5, 2019

was afraid Tim might not perform, but he's spectacular, and laid out all the issues clearly. Jack and his ban team leader Vijaya explained their view, accepted some points about twitter biased against conservatives, but seems they honestly are trying to do better.

Joe Rogan, to me, finally don't appear like a total idiot. (most points brought about by Joe here i agree) But Tim kept saying he just sees dystopia coming.

it's hard to make any decisive comment on the whole. It involves corporatism, complex social issues, politicians, leftist academia, activist groups, tech progressing faster than we can understand, and nobody can say for sure what's the answer.

I still mistrust twitter. I think the whole “safe space” practice should not be there. Overall, i think there's still hope.

Joe Rogan and Tim Pool are not intellectuals. They don't know nothing about philosophy, history, sciences, tech. Joe may have specific keep-quite tactic that made his success (so are talk show hosts). but am always turned off by him, always making uninformed and stupid comments.

i have complaints about Tim, but on the whole, he is a expert about so called culture war and did a lot real hard on-the-ground journalism for years (i despise the word journalism. prefer just Reporter.). (i've watched tons of his vids, average maybe 20 min a day since 2017 April)

i find Tim Pool's insistence of being a centralist and his petty views on morality annoying, but overall, i do now kinda rely on him for say weekly summary of culture war happening. (taking into my account of me being extremely selective in what i hear stuff from)

Joe Rogan 1258 Tim Pool Jack Dorsey Vijaya Gadde 2019
Joe Rogan 1258 Tim Pool Jack Dorsey Vijaya Gadde 2019