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Insanity, Terry Davis, and TempleOS

feeling uneasy as i see some of the tech acquaintances tweet more sj stuff

feeling uneasy as i see some of the tech acquaintances tweet more sj stuff. wonder if i should unfollow. they fakheads, still think they r doing good thing. pretty soon, it's gonna be sticking kf among ur friends, sans choice. it's called, civil war.

these js proramrs fakheads, they are always elite, always white. they make tons of money, lives very comfortably. typically they in SF or NY area. part of their js mind is i assume subconscious guilt. their deeds n propensities, has effect of increasing their power.

am at a point of writing where i cannot distinguish sj and js. lol. the warrior part is omitted intentionally, of course, as poor man's anti censureship measures.

sometimes i wonder, those i knew who tweet sj stuff sometimes, maybe they just getting by. because, 1 of the tactics of sjgang is, u HAVE TO DO SOMETHING, else, u enemy. This mantra's used by orgs 2: st gang, scientology, islm, n was Xtian to (wherefrom we have the word heretic)

Map of the World's Corruption and Bribery

Kavanagh vs Christine Ford

find ur sweet cherry 2018-09-26 1ec0d-2
when Google caught me watching porn.

capitalism at work. Buy now! lots open source fanatic programers, are eager! remember, there's a million patents, cut throat non open source, and lawyers to make sure it slows down next year.

CNN calls up Yale 87 grads to dig dirt on Kavanaugh

Kavanagh vs Christine Ford

Human Facial Expressions

your slim chance to be a respected mathematician

is it possible i'll be respected by the moniker of a mathematician, someday? Yes. i still got a chance. still got a chance!

but seriously, for the slim chance, i'll need to stop doing trivial things like keyboard geeking, twitter fak, and reading about the sj fak, and writing bout programer idiocies and open source fanatic faks. though, i can still work towards comp lang research and compilers.

Second Lawsuit from Jordan B Peterson

Jordan Peterson

now i learned, TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome. Unhappiness caused by the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. Sufferers display an inordinate loathing for and preoccupation with Donald Trump. The grief and distress they suffer is real.

mooncake ration ticket

“Vox Media On Pace to Miss Revenue Target as Digital Advertising Disappoints.” skumbag sites: vox, the verge. Others they run: SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Racked, Curbed, Recode.

Beverly Hills 90210. pretty, elite, normal, skums

Beverly Hills 90210

the show i watched when young. Each of them, the character in such show, are fakfaces. Typically, it's these kinda people, beautiful, elite, normal, i have problem with. Their attitude n demeanor, became today's sj s.

Beverly Hills 90210 Cast Members Then And Now 2018

unsolved murders and missing persons

ran across this site

apparently there's a tv show of unsolved missing persons. and this site list them, link to latest news articles on status. quite spooky. many murder cases. and, you see so many local news websites. spent 1 hour reading it.

two hot sjw killers

Data Society Propaganda Targeting Conservatives

China launch rocket news

the commencement of being brainwashed by Chinese propaganda in retaliation to sj war n anti communist chinese programers on twitter.

context “【又是#一箭雙星#!我國成功發射第37、38顆北斗導航衛星[威武]】9月19日22時07分,我國在西昌衛星發射中心用長征三號乙運載火箭,以“一箭雙星”方式成功發射第37、38顆北斗導航衛星。在這兩顆衛星上,首次裝載了國際搜救組織標準設備,將為全球使用者提供遇險報警及定位服務。給力!”

twitter pol thread circus

twitter chaos

Sordid Tales of Code of Conduct

linux is fak'd. read the whole thread.

On its new Code Of Conduct


Richard Stallman on Code of Conduct 2018-09-18 6f60f
Richard Stallman on Code of Conduct 2018-09-18 6f60f

the poster implied that it's a personal email communication.


language and code of conduct

Matz the Ruby creator giving opinion about the master/slave terminology that the sj gang wanna change. As the sj gang do things, it cross borders, but basically stops at countries that don't speak English. This is a advantage of lang barrier. If 1 part corrupt at times, not whole world.

context: “master / slave を parent / child に置き換えるのは、政治的に正しくなくて(子供は親の従属ではない)、leader / follower とでも呼ぶべきなのでは。”

i used to think, that china should learn more English, so that the world can move towards 1 universal language, from efficiency point of view. But didn't realize, there are indeed advantages that the whole world does not speak 1 lang.

India, due to United Kingdom imperialism, English became basically their native language for all science and tech. I thought that's progress, until i saw, how today, the top websites Indians use are all US sites, and they are also infested with sj stuff.

here's ranking of most spoken languages, counting “as second language” speakers. L1 in the chart means 1st lang. L1 means 2nd lang. English and Chinese are roughly the same. Followed by Hindi, Spanish, Arabic.

most spoken language 2018-09-18 1ffbb
most spoken language 2018-09-18 1ffbb
code of conduct by matz ruby a381e
code of conduct by matz ruby a381e

race age sex ism obsession in usa

i am 50. but in my opinion, laws about age race religion sex discrimination should be abolished. They simply hide the problem. And by circumstances, today get us a totalitarian discrimination by the left, using law as its weapon.

context: news. 2018-09-17 IBM Is Being Sued for Age Discrimination After Firing Thousands

Race is a problem that can never be solved. Similarly the sex war. But actually, they are not problems. They are problem as human animal's nature of aggression is a problem. you look at today's violent left, or your own unyielding nature in arg with boss coworker neighbor. you know.

the interesting thing about race sex etc is that, due to USA history, American has a obsession about race. ( and due to Western roots, obsession about justice) So, news daily on it 30+ years. But US is #1 aggressor in the world, and its “racism” “sexism” haven't been better than natural progress.

Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin on SJW

Linus Torvalds Fell SJW

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Like Sarah Palin, Indeed

watch this idiot, no idea what she's talking about. If she knew, she wouldn't be politician. Possibly a professor instead. Different job have diff profiles of the characters. If you are good at X, you'll not hold job Y.

it seems, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is like Sarah Palin. Good at buzz words, saying things people like to hear. “American people”, “civilized democracy”. She's only 28. How did she rise up? i guess with the help of the left powers, as a chess piece.

context: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez babbling about economy and policies. “She has no idea where she's going to get the money... and she's going to be in congress, embarrassing the hell out of the Dem party, for the next 30 years.”

@Timcast has degenerated

lol. @Timcast has degenerated. Now, in his daily videos, he kept repeating his views, telling us what he think. Like, a mid man trying so hard to stay middle but can't anymore. Just like last year he criticized @Lauren_Southern for being a activist instead of journalist.

Rachel Maddow skum

in 2016, i watched some of her news clips on YouTube. (don't have tv since 2001) Didn't know who she is, but i liked it. Back then, i also watched lots Anderson Cooper. Not till late 2017, i learned, what skum they are. Especially Rachel Maddow.

back in 2016, i also heard from friends, that Foxnews is sheet. I kept that in mind. I KNEW NOTHING about cnn, foxnews, etc, except that they are news companies. Now, if i want news, breitbart, foxnews, is my 1st stop. I'll think about bias later. lol. fk u sj

am a nerd. i.e. a math comp scify type, social wallflower. big bro to girls. as depicted in movies of 80 or 90s. We, promoted and helped women in tech. Today, the left politics skum blame men, praise football stars, erase history, erase science, sing islam, anything to gain power.

13-year-old Marrisa Shen was murdered (by islamic nutjob again)

if you are programer and lefty, stop it. Am pretty sure you are not totally comfortable to sing left songs by now. Stop posting pro sj stuff, that's the least you can do.

13-year-old Marrisa Shen was murdered and activists want to turn this into a conversation about defending immigration? Show some respect to her family FFS.

Where are you @JustinTrudeau and where's your concern for the Chinese community

2018-09-15 from

ur brain, is done for. by the media corps

Thinking About Attention -- Walk with Me
Sep 14, 2018

Federal data released Wednesday show that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

Evergreen College Is Collapsing, Enrollment down 70%. lol.

now, u have to look at body lang of human animals. i always wondered, that girls covering mouth thing. real? some do that during copulation. Surely it's not involuntary muscle movement, right? Answer: culture induced behavior. It makes them more attractive to males.

males, have too. eg chimp walk.

master and slave

screenshot 2020-08-04 PWkdb
[Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms By Thomas Claburn. At ]

the sj faks r at it again. r they actually gaining power by doing this? actually am not sure or if it's opposite. but the tension is at pretty much at peak by now, all white nations. Pop anytime. then, master n slave would actually takes their places.

NSFW Gone Nuts

it's becoming epidemically idiotic, on mastodon, u c people using the CW NSFW fuck.

nsfw, began 15 years ago, to prevent porn-like stuff ya friend u follow from suddenly popping up on ur screen when ur boss might be behind. Now, it seems anything sensitive, e.g. political opinion, even just plain text, r deemed to warrant, nay, require, a NSFW screen. The milen gen r truly supreme idiots of our times.

back then 15 years ago, i dnt even support the very concept of NSFW. If u no wanna see it, dnt follow such sources or ya friend, period. nothing's gonna mysteriously pop up on ya screen. if u want see, then let it be sans secretive schemes.

The very concept of nsfw is a elite yuppie thing. Life's too comfy, wanna see naughty, but no wanna pay for the price. A internal struggle. The resolve, is inventing a tag. soothing the mind, shielding the act.

nsfw gone nuts 2018-09-13 ffbf9
nsfw gone nuts 2018-09-13

twitter shallow

am beginning to see, twitter is tremendously harmful. it washes your brain. basically the most shallow, sound bite, cat pic, drama, type of things spread into your stream, of any subject matter. To the extend it taints ya brain, even if u knew n try to guard it daily.

Peter Thiel

LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

youtube censorship at work. pull out money for Dr Debra Soh interview video

Debra Soh

. @jack , the guy running twitter, is skumbag number 1.

what he's doing, is to say whatever to keep making lots money. same thing zukerbug and other big money orgs are doing.

all these began, when the coddled millennial idiots began to demand money corps protect their emotions and stuff, wanting corps to acts as gov. It began with the “report” button.


Elon Musk on Joe Rogan show

12 min into watching Elon Musk on Joe Rogan show. don't like it. Musk is insincere and fking around. Rogan's a idiot, always has been.

the Joe Rogan Elon Musk interview is freaky. Elon began insincere. Seems uncomfortable the whole time. Kept reaching for whisky then got drunk n stoned. Clearly, the two r not the same type. The idiot Joe kept blabbering, seems in control.

my impression of Brett Kavanaugh

So, there's this guy Brett Kavanaugh. Gonna be a supreme judge or something. I read his wikip, 1st para. He's against Clinton hooking up with women. Bad. He's helper of George Bush. Bad. Trump thinks he's good. But seems feminists are having problems with him.

but basically, seems his action indicates he's Pro Conservative party. So maybe that's why nutty women and the left have problems with him.

Harvard Business School professor: Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years

if u r into programing or math as career, u don't really need college. but, you do need a insatiable mind for the subjects. Most people need the environment, friends, interactivity, to learn things. But those, esp at today's university, do more damage than good.

At college, ~70% of your time is social. Driving, bus, applying stuff, making friends, moving. The material you learn is pop with current political trends, things that make $ for the skul. And u don't get independent thinking. Plus, cost 200k to 400k.

for programing, a university cert do you nothing. It's experience and the love of it makes you. and you'd make lots money. A degree do you nothing for making money by coding.

for math, there r a LOTS geniuses out there, far smarter than you, whoever you are. And very hard to make any money. The only good of a degree is if you want to be a professor, and for that u need postdoc. (like 8 years of ya life)

disastrous typhoon in Japan. now.

Taiwan is 4 times smaller than New York state.

Taiwan is 36,197 km^2. NY state is 141,300 km^2

more hackernews censorship 2018-09-03

start your stopwatch. see how fast this one gets censored.

hackernews censorship 2018-09-03 d4abc
hackernews censorship 2018-09-03

the article is

[Is Safetyism Destroying a Generation? By Matthew Lesh. At ]

the hackernews page is

National Museum of Brazil is burning

200 years old National Museum of Brazil is burning. (at Rio de Janeiro)

always nice to see the different languages, especially the rare ones, or ones not in American pop mind.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Idiot Vanguard Bar None

Startrek idiot, Wesley, Will Wheaton

there's a startrek idiot, Wesley, who grew up, now by name Will Wheaton. am not sure exactly what he does, but seems his life is lost, not doing any particular thing. he seems to get into online culture, and involved in social justice war stuff. he got 3M twitter followers.

last week, Will Wheaton made a splash to quit twitter because he wants twitter to ban infowars. he advocated mastodon. then, turns out he got harassed by queers and ban'd from mastodon instance. lol. pretty funny.

i was wondering why is he heited by the lgbtq group, and a always informative guy told me

@xahlee I think it's because he endorsed Randi Harper's ban list. He probably didn't know how evil she is. But, because she has gotten into fights with trans people several times and retaliated by adding them to her list, she has acquired the reputation for being a “transphobe” and/or “terf.” (Not clear whether she really is - I think she's evil for other reasons.) Wheaton endorsed her list, therefore thought to be endorsing her, therefore he's thought to be a transphobe and/or terf too.

2018-09-02 From Matthew Skala

Anti PC NYU Prof Interviewed by Gavin McInnes

this is the famous Anti PC NYU Prof. Interviewed by Gavin McInnes. usually, the professor is boring to watch, but this one is funny.

In n Out burger

in and out burger locations a28dc-s1004x636
ok, you bible belters. come visit California, dine at #InNout burger. It's better than McDonalds.
in and out burger 9BrXd
in and out burger

note that #InNOut burger is a private company. According to Wikipedia, the reason is that the guy want to maintain quality. A public company means, it's public owned, by stock holders. Once public, it flows with money. Typically degenerates. Note, Google is public.

Some tech companies, remain private. For the same reason of wanting to retain quality or control. For example, Wolfram Research, maker of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, is private.

the ultimate benevolence of nature and God

The idea of the ultimate benevolence of nature and God is the most potent of man's survival mechanisms. Without it, culture would revert to fear and despair. (Camille Paglia SP 1990)

Paglia, always most interesting. is what she said true? currently, sciences can't verify this. but know that, science can't do lots things that's important to human animals. The word is epistemology.