Rachel Maddow

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Rachel Maddow skum

in 2016, i watched some of her news clips on YouTube. (don't have tv since 2001) Didn't know who she is, but i liked it. Back then, i also watched lots Anderson Cooper. Not till late 2017, i learned, what skum they are. Especially Rachel Maddow.


back in 2016, i also heard from friends, that Foxnews is sheet. I kept that in mind. I KNEW NOTHING about cnn, foxnews, etc, except that they are news companies. Now, if i want news, breitbart, foxnews, is my 1st stop. I'll think about bias later. lol. fk u sj

am a nerd. i.e. a math comp scify type, social wallflower. big bro to girls. as depicted in movies of 80 or 90s. We, promoted and helped women in tech. Today, the left politics skum blame men, praise football stars, erase history, erase science, sing islam, anything to gain power.