Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Idiot Vanguard Bar None

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb, crackpot?

i've had Nassim Nicholas Taleb name suggested to me a few times. each time, i spend some 10 min looking at Wikipedia and his books. Even followed the guy on twitter for maybe a month. Never clicked. Now, i begin to feel, there's element of crackpot there.

context: someone showed me one of his tweet when talking about McMansion architecture

Nassim Nicholas Taleb greek k9ymn.jpg x6fwd
Nassim Nicholas Taleb greek [from]

after i posted on twitter saying i see elements of crackpot, , am immediately blocked by him, within 10 seconds. Interesting.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block 2018-09-02 dab10
Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block 2018-09-02

From what i see, e.g. his “antifragile” is opaque jargon ridden pseudo science.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, skin in the game crackpot

The Nassim Nicholas Taleb guy, is definitely a crackpot, now i'm more sure. here's his latest blog

Nassim Nicholas Taleb iq k9ymn
Nassim Nicholas Taleb iq

Few months ago, i questioned his theories in my own thread, he ban'd me. he has many of the signs of crackpot.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's famous for his Skin in the Game book. Notice the jargon phrase. That is one of the sign of crackpot. He uses or coins lots of them. and his theories tend to be labeled as “new”, “outside of the box” type. That's another sign. The fact he's quick to ban people, another sign.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb psychology 2019-01-17 bvvtb
Nassim Nicholas Taleb psychology 2019-01-17
Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block PKYT9
Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a crackpot. He use controversy to sell himself. For example, his claim about psychology is simply wrong, with respect to the neuroscience department of psychology.

Also, if you read Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson (both are acclaimed scholars more than Nassim guy) , you see overwhelming contribution of psychology in their understanding of the world. Nassim uses controversy to make himself appear smart to average people.

Claire Lehmann vs Taleb 2019-07-27 34xxs

taleb seems like a intellectual fraud to me. he likes to invent jargons, often dramatically attacking others high-stake celebs , and quick to ban any he disagree or considered as 'dumb'. i think you are being used as another ride for his popularity.

also, i think by psy techniques, innate or learned, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has amassed lots followers, like a cult leader, who would enthusiastically do his bid.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile

Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile b7v4d
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile b7v4d
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile rhttf
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile rhttf
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile yd2ds
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile yd2ds
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile qhsh6
Nassim Nicholas Taleb imbecile qhsh6

There is a crackpot named Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He's nutjob anti iq and psychology. Like many crackpots in history, he love opaque jargons, and invent them. e.g. skin in the game, antifragile, blackswan. Also, he created a cult-like following, who would defend him sans cue.

He has a blog about iq. I wonder if it's worthwhile to spend few hours to write a counter. (i haven't read it yet. but am pretty sure i can write a solid counter taking it down) Though, i know it'll have no effect. Cult crackpots doesn't rise by reason. But, by exploiting psychology.

have you seen his behavior? e.g. recent exchange with @clairlemon . and blocking hundreds/thousands? btw, he also blocked me about 6 months ago, for a mildly negative comment about him. i was puzzled. this isn't grudge, maybe a bit. something's wrong with the guy.

someone's got psychological problems. I think it's called megalomania. Or psychiatrists call Narcissistic personality disorder.

i got annoyed that Clair kept posting about the nutjob. i think she's a victim, goaded into inreasing the guy's fame. Though, i think i fell into the same often. When attacked, you defend, sometimes vigorously. This is a postmodenism sjw tactic.

Now let me explain more in detail. But basically, this taleb is a conman.

Now, psychology, is part of social sciences, such as anthropology, and political science. Social sciences, is also known as soft sciences, as compared to Hard Sciences such as math physics chemistry biology etc. Now, these social sciences, soft sciences, by themselfs, are not harmful. The very nature of their subject matter, the things they study, are not well defined, and approach also not well defined. However, they have the term Science in them, in that they use scientific methods. Mostly, statistics, and experiments, to study the things.

Now, so, these soft sciences, have a tendency to go wrong, or be abused, precisely because they are not hard sciences, aka natural sciences. For example, psychology. Now you probably have a bag of rants against it already so i won't dwell on it. But let's say, anthropology. That, especially today, has become extremely corrupted. e.g. Women studies, black studies, gender studies, and a particular obsession focused on what these white men perceived as weak or minority. (we don't for example in usa have Chinese studies) so, psychology, sure, is questionable, the entire field. But however, if u take the whole view of things, it's not worst. Anthropology, women studies, black studies, and even, economics, are possibly doing far more harm in our society today, the USA.

So, the above, is some summary of my view on the situation of soft sciences aka social sciences. Now, the taleb skum. Taleb, is a conman, a crackpot. He got lots problems, and his behavior, fits exactly into the criterions of a conman. Taleb likes to create lots opaque jargons. He also like to attack other academic aggressively. In fact, his fame, or notoriety, is half based on his attack of other famous social scientists. By that, he carve out a name for himself. And if u look at his attacks, u see that he's a ass. He lives on twitter, spit out attack on other famous people, and immediately block and ban, and say this or that is a idiot daily. And one of his trait, is amass lots of other aggressive followers. Namely, forming a cult like group. His followers, has a tendency, to tell others about Taleb, spread taleb jargons, and attack whoever disagree with it.

i am not sure stephen wolfram likes him. but i watched the episode where wolfram interviewed him. That vid, confirmed that taleb to me is most idiot, whatever his theories he has about economics. Taleb, seems also to have a psychological weakness, of needing other to approve his big IQ, even he attacks the concept incessantly.

the Gad Saad guy. i tried to watch him back then, during the sjw Trump era, because Gad is anti sjw. It never clicked. I think i watched maybe just 3 or 4 of his videos, never liked him, but stil consider he's great for doing anti sjw work.

but then, in 2019 during the China hating Hong Kong riot, or next year the bat death pandemic, Gad has videos that basically attacks china, one completely fucking baseless idiotic rightwing fuck, just like most anti sjw right wingers white American in USA. That's when, i decided what he is.

the above, concludes what i have to say about them, the taleb skum and Gad Saad nutjobs.