Data Society Propaganda Targeting Conservatives

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left lie tim pool 2018-09-20 18dea
left lie tim pool 2018-09-20

at a point, the left is targeting anyone who disagree or harmful to their lies

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Media Is Smearing Me And People Like Joe Rogan as Far-Right
Sep 19, 2018
Tim Pool

I knew half of the people since 2017. Here i'll post each person and my impressions. I order the list starting with those i like the most, or watched the most. (the folks are quite diverse in their personalities and what they do.)

Jordan Peterson
professor. Psychologist by trade. Extremely knowledgeable. Very capable orator. Fiercely agaist left's totalitarian ideology. I like him a lot. Deep insights. He has hundreds or such videos of his lectures or talk on YouTube.
Tim Pool
award winning independent reporter. Neutralish guy on politics. He always tried to stick to middle ground. He make 1 video a day, and in 2018, more than 1 per day, focusing on any news of the culture war. He now has 2 YouTube channels at least, the new one is less formal and long and he gave opinions or chat with others. Very well known. I watched a lot of his interviews.
Dave Rubin
a classic liberal. Makes a lot videos, now everyday, interviewing people. Rubin is gay, married to a guy. I watched a lot of his interviews in 2017, trying to understand the sj gang and the anti people. He and Jordan Peterson, have become millionaires or so, via donation from their audiences.
James Damore
the guy google fired because he wrote a memo about how to have more women in tech. He doesn't have much activities on twitter. Currently suing Google.
Lauren Southern
beautiful white girl. Canadian. Notorious. She's a left leaning liberal or libertarian turned conservative. She began in 2016 or so as reporter for some firebrand news company. Now, a big project she's done is documentary on South Africa wiping white farmers. She often works with Brittany Pettibone, who is also extremely beautiful.
Blaire White
a pretty trans. (male to female). She's a YouTube star. She makes video about her views. Disagree with sj left. She is, alone with many others, i categorize as youngish nobody turned YouTube star.
Gavin McInnes
this guy, is big. He co founded Vice Media. He's a colorful guy, very chatty, easy going, can talk about anything, and handle any type of person in any situation type of guy. Kinda like saleman. Charismatic. Always very entertaining to watch. But hard to trust.
Candance Owens
a black girl who rose to stardom in mid 2018. Fiercely against left. Very smooth. Her behavior tends to be like politician, all's very smooth, and has effect that propel her upwards.
Stefan Molyneux
canadian. video blogger. against sj. Recently he and Lauren Southern did a speaking tour in Australia. He's cocky, oldish guy, and full of himself, and usually have a attacking style. His knowledge, does not match up, in my view.
Roaming Millennial
a pretty young girl. College student? or was? Now has YouTube often talking against sj. Like most young YouTube guys, i find little value in her stuff. She is beautiful though.
Faith Goldy
used to work with Lauren Southern as reporter. She's outspoken, against sj. She's got a big mouth, literally. (somehow she reminds me of “white trash”. Her opinions and talks, verge on the more extreme right. (or rather, she doesn't care about the tabboos when talking antisj things. (most other antisjws, do necessarily avoid certain views or people, e.g. actively inject that they are against xyz, just to assure.)))
Joe Rogan
a mixed martial artist turned “radio host”. Mostly interview people, in a very sloppy low key informal setting. (kinda reminds me of Howard Stern) I don't like this guy at all, just personally, not my type. Babbling all day and night, doesn't know anything. Recently he interviewed Elon Musk and got him drunk and stoned.
Steven Crowder
YouTube star. He does radio show type i think. I watched maybe 3 of his video. Never liked him. His style, subject, etc, just don't interest me.
Ben Shapiro
a conservative. Goes around lecture in college campuses speaking against sj. Now hosts his own video show, i think daily. i don't like him much. don't watch much.
Chris Ray Gun
young YouTube gamer star. Current boyfriend of Lacie Green (the YouTube star who focus on sex education stuff). The gamer types of today are usually idiotic, no substance.
Paul Joseph Watson
a extremely annoying retard from UK. He posts video harangue against left in monologue. Hundreds or thousand of it. I don't watch him. Seems at some point in 2017 or 2018 he teamed up with Alex Jones, the infowar fuckhead.
Milo Yiannopoulos
bright, fast talking, gay, flamboyant, antisjw guy. Most famous for the riot at University of California Berkeley against his talk in April 2017.
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data social hit targets 2018-09-20 740e0

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Dave Rubin on data society 2018-09-20 V6FGH. By Dave Rubin