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Jordan Peterson on Israel vs Palestine

Israel Jordan Peterson 2023-10-07
Israel Jordan Peterson 2023-10-07
Israel Jordan Peterson 2023-10-10
Israel Jordan Peterson 2023-10-10
Message to the Christian Churches
Jul 12, 2022
Young people, particularly young men are facing an unparalleled demoralization inculcated by an extremely damaging ideology. Dr Jordan B Peterson reveal…
Jordan B Peterson

video gone as of 2022-08-21

Jordan Peterson's wife had terminal cancel

Jordan Peterson's wife had terminal cancel, found this year. seems ok now. here's her daughter talking about it. can see Jordan and his wife starting at 4:00

2022-08-21 video gone as of 2022-08-21

just saw this video of Jordan Peterson.

i hesitate to post this, since this one is dramatic and i've been watching/posting him since ~2018. but i must say, Jordan Peterson is one person i admire now. Tremendous knowledge, his ability to articulate with precision, and courage to fight oppression.

Second Lawsuit from Jordan B Peterson

second lawsuit from Jordan B Peterson , report by Tim Pool. yay.

Jordan Peterson Is Fighting back Against Lies and Defamation
Sep 23, 2018
Tim Pool

if you have a day job, put your money to @jordanbpeterson . i may die doing this, that's ok. the sj needs to be wiped out.

Jordan Peterson's daughter, Mikhaila Peterson. hot!

Joe Rogan Experience #1164 - Mikhaila Peterson
Aug 30, 2018

scammers try to profit from Jordan Peterson's book

lol, on amazon, there is a bunch of “summary” of Jordan Peterson's best seller 12 rules of life Buy at amazon book. and apparently, many people did not know and bought the fake version

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ari feldman slander jordan peterson 2018 05 12 08ad5
Ari Feldman slander on Jordan Peterson 2018-05-12

Ari Feldman tries to imply Peterson is Nazi.

Jordan Peterson is Darth Vader?

[I was Jordan Peterson's strongest supporter. Now I think he's dangerous By Bernard Schiff. At ]

I read the whole article. am glad Jordan Peterson exists, even if is Darth Vader. Just look at what the extreme leftists are doing, massive censorship today (youtube, twitter, facebook), and violence in 2017 (antifa), firing people for diff opinions (e.g. James Damore vs Google ).

the article depicts Jordan Peterson as good eccentric guy turned into power hungry politician. Thanks for the warning. We have far worse existing examples: Hillary Clinton, Mark Zukerberg, Eric Schmidt, lots smaller players e.g. head of equity in universities making millions do nothing

best seller now. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson. Buy at amazon

Carl Jung

when i was in college (2 years community college) ~1992, i took psychology class. Am very interested in psychology. At the time, i was not impressed by Carl Jung, in fact think of him as a crackpot of sorts. But now, Jordan B Peterson seems found of him. Maybe i should relook.

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