Claire Lehmann

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Who is Claire Lehmann

Claire Lehmann, famous for founding Quillette mag, a anti sjw mag from 0 follower to stardom.

I watched her from 2016 to 2019. Great for fighting the sjw gang. [see Annotated Guide of Who to Follow for anti sjw] But it seems, starting in 2019, she turns out to be very pro-establishment. She is a big china hater. And a fanatic in favor of gov policies on covid, at odds with most anti sjw, and she will go all out to war on covid issues. She had a big fight with Tim Pool about covid, and other anti sjw stars.

Claire Lehmann sj 2019-04-27 dvgkh
Claire Lehmann sj 2019-04-27 dvgkh

somewhat disappointed by what Claire is posting. Remember, certain view in certain country was also mainstream, as well certain views in china ~1970. lots dead. malicious lie, attack, are not worth respect in any school of thought. sjgang are doing lots of that.

to think sj stuff mainstream is also ??. if consider number of people on earth, china, asia, russia, mid east, r not buying sjgang. of white nations, usa, canada, aus, west euro, it's also probably less than 10% of people. it's pop only in academia n big news corps $$$.

the claim about 100 genders? the redefinition of racisim and any other phrase so they fit the sjgang? the verifiable massive amount of verifiable lies daily by $$$ corps? the antifa violence, the shut up by force of any disagreement? Claire, i don't get what you going with this?

here's Claire Lehmann fighting with Tim Pool.

Claire Lehmann vs Tim Pool 2022-11-25 3NZ9v
Claire Lehmann vs Tim Pool 2022-11-25 3NZ9v

i have not looked into detail, but i think claire is wrong. tim may be low iq and sometimes spread drama, but he is never actually a conspiracy spreader.

Claire Lehmann is back on twitter

Claire Lehmann twitter 2023-05-26
Claire Lehmann twitter 2023-05-26

Claire Lehmann is back on twitter.

She became famous ~2017, with the online mag, focused on anti sjw gang. I watched it grow. I supported her.

But around ~2021, she got into ugly fights with Tim Pool and the on covid n other things. She is pro lockdown n vax.

Then, when bought twitter, she rage quit. Also, she's very anti china.