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Lauren Southern = cute fox

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I wish Lauren Southern is more mature.

Lauren, seriously, why do you put so much make up? you are perhaps already the MOST beautiful among public figures. Sometimes when you have heavy makeup, and talking about serious subject, it's distracting. I mean, inappropriate.

Lauren, when i watched you talking with Stefan about #TommyRobinson, serious subject, then you sip a cold drink… i mean, it's nothing, but it really does look funny. and in one of your Africa video, you have really, really, bright red lips while interviewing a guy there…

Lauren Southern vs Candace Owens

oh, Lauren is really stupid sometimes. wait, actually, she's just not too bright. more formally, her iq is not impressive, and her knowledge is barely above laymen. @RealCandaceO , has higher iq than lauren. Candace knows how to climb, Lauren just wasting her life.

Race is a business - and business is A-boomin' on both sides of the political spectrum. by Lauren Southern

Both of them, have the looks. For either male or female, that helps propel you to stardom, may it be kingpin or president. But Candance knew what's important. Lauren doesn't. And now Lauren's super heavy makeup is making her looking like a prostitute.

I think Lauren's problem is that she lacks weight from within. Stop that girly grimacing satirical face. But really, a person's demeanor is usually set. Cannot be changed. Nerd be nerds, salesmen be salesmen, thinker be thinkers, etc. Owens is a leader type, for good or bad.

Of Lauren's vid, it's stupid in many ways. (1) trivial. You just covered Africa. But now quibbles on words? (2) her analysis is literally incorrect. You don't look at things literally. Math, yes, world, no. You need intention, context, etc. (3) don't go out of your way to sail against wind.

Jesus, @Lauren_Southern , what's your point? did you know that, most of us following you, not because you are god of justice? we followed you because, you are pretty, and you are doing some justice, and you are anti sjw. You are, in it, for business, like everybody else.

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legally becomes a man, in 1 hour

Lauren Southern Becomes a Man
Oct 3, 2016
Rebel News

watch this chick, legally becomes a man, in 1 hour.

Lauren Southern

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