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How I Know Tim Pool

let me say how i know Tim Pool, and what i think of him.

i first saw tim pool's vid around 2017 April, of the UC Berkeley riot situation against that Milo provoker. [see UC Berkeley Riot, 2017 April 15]

Tim is doing on the ground reporting. Basically, just a guy taking video and recording around, and sometimes ask questions about why they or or such.

Then, gradually, i learned, Tim is a so called 'independent journalist', and has won a few rewards by big orgs. I learned, he did report on Occupy Wall Street, and Fergeson riot... i think he won award for both.

Tim, back then, is certainly central, and not right wing.

anyway, so i started to watch Tim regularly ever since 2016 April. I learned a lot from his videos. Every news, fighting on twitter, he does a video. He has a vid about every day.

Then, Tim changed in 2019. Tim started to do lots videos, 2 or 3 a day. And, instead of travel to location and film and interview etc, he start to just sit in his living room and talk about twitter or pol drama, commenting on news he read, and injecting his “centralist” opinions.

that's 3 videos per day, every day, like that. Very little content. You just hear him rant on each day's news. And his opinion, on politics, economics, tends to be shallow. (he has no college degree, and proclaims/admits he doesn't have intellectual/philosophy interest (like the way we talk things here), and he has said, he is incapable of actual writing a essay, as normal journalist do.)

So, basically, sometimes in 2018 (or was it in 2019), tim pool became this shallow drama frier. And his videos, tends to be anti sjw, consists of just his ranting on reading news, and very shallow opinion.

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Tim Pool 2022-10-19

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