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Dark History of The Espionage Act and Treason in America

The Dark History of The Espionage Act and Treason in America
May 26, 2019
Kim Iversen
Our Saudi Arabia Problem (Part 1)
December 10, 2019
Kim Iversen

Who is Kim Iversen

let me give a intro of her. she's a youtuber, began about 2 years ago. she cover political issues. she's pro Tulsi Gabbard , and has interviewed Tulsi and also introduced tulsi in tulsi's political events. Kim Iversen is perhaps i would say a classic liberal, like, american liberal of 1980s. She espouses freedom and free speech. She is mixed race, of white and yellow. i think was it asian mom i forgot what country. She grew up partly i think in Idaho. Before youtube, she worked in radio, as a reporter or something for maybe 5 or 10 years.

unlike some of the pol youtuber i know of and watch, who often is just antisjw or proconservative, everyday mouthing the same hot topics and making fun of. I like kim because she has a bit depth more than vast majority of pol youtubers. She, i think is not actually well versed in history or political issues, but she do her research and tell us what she knew.

Kim Iversen YouTube content 2019-09

kim iversen 2019-09-08 rczjg
kim iversen 2019-09-08 rczjg

the great Kim Iversen on guns

the great Kim Iversen on guns watch her at 11:40, lol that's funny!

Why we can't have sensible conversation about guns
Aug 7, 2019
by Kim Iversen

Why we can't have sensible conversation about guns

Kim Iversen 2019-08-08 vjgmr
Kim Iversen 2019-08-08 vjgmr

Kamala Harris vs Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard

Kim Iversen on racism

great video

Racism Is Being Used As A Distraction By The Elites

Daily Beast Editor in Chief Noah Shachtman War Profiteer

Tulsi Gabbard

I finally understand the Venezuela situation. this vid by Kim Iversen. Hugo Chávez is good. Nicolás Maduro is good. USA is evil, really evil.

What our government isn't telling us about Venezuela
Kim Iversen
May 4, 2019

that coup in venezuela few days ago, is really us trying to get into vene's pants.

now i have basic understanding of venezuala. now i want to know, how did the inflation disaster happen? due to us? or screw up by maduro? both?

so, the question now is, is venezuala inflation result of us or itself? seems to me, mostly it's maduro. he began price control, and things went down hill fast. according to wikipedia (not to be trusted fully), maduro tried china's great leap forward. lol

china's great leap forward, 1958 to 1962, 20 million deaths by hunger.

and now i know, the inflation disaster in venezuela, is emphatically brought about by Nicolás Maduro himself, following communism. see his own tweets. in such destitution, he clings to ideology, much like mao did in late years.

Nicolás Maduro

Recordamos a 201 años de su natalicio, a Karl Marx, máximo exponente de la teoría de la lucha de clases y principal interprete de los grandes riesgos del sistema capitalista. Sus estudios se convirtieron en bandera…

here we have a nation, besieged by foreign powers, but defiantly cling to a ideology in his last breath. this is probably the gist of correct assessment.

what's the background of Kim Iversen?

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