Gavin McInnes Character

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Gavin McInnes Character, from Joe Rogan interview, 2015

Watched this, 3 hours, whole. What a trip. And this is in 2015.

Gavin McInnes, is a slick guy. after watching this video, my opinion of him went down a notch. (i've watched about 6 of his other videos before) overall, he's smooth and devious, can't be trusted. A typical salesman qualities. his opinions, some are just whacky.

Gavin McInnes believes drinking driving is fine. i also believed it's fine when younger. (i don't drink, maybe once a year)

Gavin McInnes is always very funny+blunt. half in the show, he is drunk. he holds mostly very traditional north american views. he's often intentionally demeaning to others, and you don't know if he's joking. (still, he's morally better than today's sjgang)

when a nerd (you) deal with slick guy like Gavin, often, they may take advantage of your social ineptness. Saleman types, they probe during social interactions, and they morph their personality. if you are socially inept, they may push further to encroach your self esteem.

note that,most people's personality,r more close to saleman than nerds。Some,when they deal with socially inept nerds,they encroach ur space,or insult u。Some,really ∵ they don't know what else to do。They think insulting u is what u like。They r trying to create interactions.

personalities, saleman vs the nerd

now, the Gavin McInnes guy, is a charismatic, chatty, guy. The saleman, the showman guy. Sly, is the word.

these type of people, are quick witted, and in a instance, they know your thoughts. (milo is similar)

it's fun to watch him talk, but with such a person, you question, what's really underneath it. They can talk a picture and have you laugh, and at the end of the day, you have no idea.

on the other extreme, is the nerd ultimate James Damore. He, is extremely boring to watch. Robotic, expressionless, can't get people to laugh if you shove a joke down his throat. It is still possible, for such person to be devious liers, but that's rare.

The Free Speech Podcast with Gavin McInnes, Stand Up NY Labs, Interviews Tucker Carlson

O holy my god, having a blast watching this show. Tucker Carson talking with Gavin McInnes

The Free Speech Podcast with Gavin McInnes, Stand Up NY Labs, Interviews Tucker Carlson

and this one, is spectacular.

Gavin McInnes vs. Feminist Full. “Its on US to end White Supremacy”

am now a fan of Gavin McInnes.