Lauren Chen

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On Lauren Chen

The incident happened when Lauren Chen casually bad-mouthed china about skin-color correctness of a poster of Disney Little Mermaid at (bad-mouthing china is typical right-wing technique to amass followers)

then, she got many big chinese bloggers correcting and dissing her.

Lauren Chen 2023-05-24 3ZtdK
Lauren Chen 2023-05-24 3ZtdK
xahlee Lauren Chen 2023-05-24 x22rd
Lauren Chen youtube 2023-05-24 rpqb3
Lauren Chen youtube 2023-05-24 rpqb3

Lauren Chen is a canadian anti-sjw vlogger. She began sometimes around 2017. i remember she asked Dave Rubin tips on how to start out as a pol blogger.

Lauren is an anti-sjw. she's alright. I thank her for fighting agaist the sjw-gang.

But her material, is typical American zoomer crassness. No insight, no depth. like vast majority of youtubers. Her vids are mostly just opinions on sjw stuff. (skin color, gun, abortion, dating, etc.)

but she's pretty hot, and became successful. Lauren Chen's content is comparable to Lauren Southern

except that Southern did several documentaries that are significant with respect to human history for decades to come.