BDSM in Second Life: Hardcore Torture

By Xah Lee. Date:

The following are computer generated images of bondage and torture devices. (contains explicit images of naked, bound, human animal.)

Torture Execution

electric chair
Modern execution device, the electric chair. This is used by many cuturally advanced nations on people who trespassed the community's standards to the degree that extermination of the offender is desired.
steam torture
Steam roasting. I'm not sure, but i think this practice is ancient.
electric torture 50
Using Electric shock as torture. This particular device depicted is probably the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) , popular in the SM circle. On the wall is a photo of a real life torture play. The mouth-spreader the girl is wearing is a medical gag called the Whitehead gag.
Roasting human animal. Certain things can be enjoyed more than once, only in Second Life.

Yours truely was told by a BDSM girl in Second Life that one of her darkest fantasy is to be BBQ'd alive (though she doesn't want to die). (And the other fantasty is to be tied onto a giant wooden wheel of the Wild West era wagon. Another is to be bound, and sits on a horse, and the bondage is tied to a branch of tree above, so that, if the horse runs off, she'll be hung (but not by the neck).) Outrageous as it is, yours truely have no reason to doubt her. The discovery of this human BBQ machine in Second Life was a delight to her.

Addendum: Apparently there are quite a lot second life fans of so called dolcett play. That is, sexually torturing and eating girls.

Apparently, there's a technical term for the enjoyment of eating human or being eaten: Vorarephilia.

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