BDSM in Second Life 1

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The following are computer generated images of bondage and torture devices. (contains explicit images of naked, bound, human animal.)

In the land of Second Life, there is no lack of imagination. All conceivable devices have been brought into life sans shyness, medieval or modern science.

pillory 31
A pillory. The basic idea of pillory (or stocks) is to render a human animal immovable, and make him/her feasible to torture or other forms of pleasure to the captor and pain or humiliation on the receiver. Pillory is a classic of such devices, due to its simplicity and effectiveness, and are used throughout European and Asian cultures in various forms. It is still used today in some places, but nowadays covertly.
whore machine 13
Some form of whoring machine, similar to the idea of glory hole.

In a Glory hole, a man sticks his penis thru a penis-sized hole in a wall, and anyone on the other side can suck, and the partipants don't have to see the other's face. Here, the female's butt is stuck in a hole in the wall, rather in a forced way, for the other side to use.

fuck box fuck box2
A whoring cart.

This device is actually found at a she-male club. Where, they talk about feminification (or sissification), where, (willing or unwilling) men are induced to become women (by various physical, chemical, psychological, and biological/surgical treatments). For example, in the above you see a partial sign that says Sperm Addition. It means to psychologically condition men under feminification to love sperm. (by, for example, always mixing sperm smell or texture in food when the sub is hungry.)

Conditioning (and training) is a popular theme in SM culture. (As a example of conditioning: most people will feel elation when seeing acoholic beverages, even before ingestion. Because, as a common socialization practice in developed nations, most people have learned by conditioning to associate it with the happy feelings of party and carousing.) For more about the subject, see: Classical conditioning.

Human Furniture

In the BDSM community, there's a concept called human furniture. The idea is that humans are bound and rendered immovable and objectified in such a way as furnitures. For example, the idea is featured in Stanley Kubrick (1928 to 1999)'s 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. [see A Clockwork Orange screenshots]

In Second Life, these human furniture devices come to life.

human furniture chair 9
A human furniture chair.
human furniture table 11
A human furniture table.

See also: Human Furniture (photo gallery).

Golden Shower (urolagnia)

Not particular to sadomasochism, but there is a sub-culture of human sexual practice of those who are fascinated by pissing and or shitting. For example, they like to douse or shower in the substance, or force or be forced into it.

For more info about this practice, see: golden shower.

Note that, drinking fresh piss from a healthy human animal, is harmless, in fact drinking one's own piss is practiced by some fakirs for purportedly health reasons. See Urine therapy.

smother box
This is called smotherbox.


rope swing 52
A copulation swing. The left photo on the wall shows a typical breast clamp and a ball gag harness. The photo on the right is a Strappado bondage, where a person's arm is bind on his back and suspended. Manadel al-Jamadi, a Iraqi prisoner under US interrogation, died by this bondage in 2003.
milking machine
Milking machine. A common fantasy in SM. Note that non-pregnant women are also capable of producing milk, called induced lactation. See Breast feeding. See also: milk, tits, and caryatids.

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