Second Life 3D-Construction Questions

By Xah Lee. Date:

If you know the answers, please let me know. (Xah Toll in-world).

If you create a prism prim, with X=4 and Y=4. Then create a cube prim with X=4 and Y=4. Now, place the prism on top of the cube. You'll see that the prism prim's X and Y is not exactly the prim's side. So, what exactly does the X and Y in prism prim measure?

prism prim

If you rez a cylinder with X=Y=4, then place the prism on top, you'll see that they match. So, think of the prism prim with a bounding cylinder. The X and Y are just the cylinder's diameter from the x-axes and y-axes directions. The formula for the actual relation between a circle's dimater and the various length inscribed equiangular triangle can be computed using trig.

How to build a silhouette dance ball?

dance sihloutte