Second Life Build Tutorial: Features Tab

By Xah Lee. Date: .


The Features tab.

So far, the object we build are all rigid. We can build houses, furnitures, vases, boats, airplanes, etc. But how do you build things like hair or skirts that sway in the wind? Answer: The Flexible Path checkbox.

The “Flexible Path” checkbox makes the object flexible or soft. For example, this is how those wavering hair, skirts, are made. When a object is flexible, there are several parameters associated with it. Let's look at them.

First of all, take a look at the window. The values there are default values.

make flexi
Making a flag, by using the Flexible Path feature.

A flexible object can also be made to have a inclination in a particular direction. These are done with he Force X, Force Y, Force Z input fields. The range is -10 to 10.

The best way to understand these is to play with them. Create a box prim, then make it have a dimension of a flag. Then, drag the position arrows about. Tweak each input box and try again.

A object with the Flexible Path checked is called flexi. When a object is flexi, it is automatically also Physical and Phantom under the Object tab. (So that, things such as flags are subject to gravity, and, cannot have collisions)


The “Light” causes object to emit light, as if it is a light bulb. You can change the light's color, the intensity (0 to 1), radius of lightness (0 to 10), and falloff rate (0 to 2).

When you play with light, you might want to force the sim to be midnight. To do that, go to the menu “World ▸ Force Sun”.