Second Life Build: General Tab

By Xah Lee. Date: .
The General tab. They are mostly self-explanatory. (Move your mouse over them and a pop-up tip-box will explain what they mean.)

Exam each item in the General tab.

In the “Share with group” checkbox, it allows any group members to move, modify, delete the object. (but they won't be able to take it or make a copy to own)

The “Allow anyone to move” is exactly just that. Anyone will be able to re-position, or rotate the object. (they won't be able to take, copy, or delete.)

The “Allow anyone to copy” lets anyone to make a copy of the object (by going to the menu Edit:Duplicate). Once a copy is made, they can take the copy (into their inventory). They can repeat this process to obtain many copies.

In the “Next owner can:” section, note that one of “Copy” or “Resell/Give away” must be selected. (it is not possible to have both boxes unchecked.)

left-clicked menu
The “When Left-clicked:” menu content, allows you to set the default behavior for left-clicking the object.

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