A Clockwork Orange, page 1

milk bar
Human Furniture at the Milk Bar. These human furniture are inspired by sculptor Allen Jones (sculptor)
human furniture

For Human furniture you can buy today, see: Human Furniture

graffiti mural
A mural decorated with graffiti. (if you know the painter, please write to me. (a reader told me this is possibly by Edward Bullmore))

Alex's room
Mirror image of Alex's room, prominently featuring the painting of a naked lady with open legs, and the hyperbolic lamp. The lamp is the circular whiteness you see. In other scenes, you can see that it is a big concave disk of metal, with a light-bulb in the center. When turned on, the light from the bulb reflects off the metal to diffuse the light. In this screenshot, it is seen as a giant disk of whiteness.
A Clockwork Orange a sated lady
Look at her expression of satisfaction. Beautiful toenails. The artist of this painting is Cornelis Makkink. image source
crocodile dance
This scene seems to be from a actual film of World War 2. This is probably filmed by German troops as a documentation during the Battle of Stalingrad , 1942. This memorable footage has been used in many films.

A Clockwork Orange

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