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news site bias 2019-04-30 7h9jx
news site bias 2019-04-30

from timcast. so, he said the Hill and Politico are pretty fair news sites. Take note of it.

Recycling Bullshit

Claire Lehmann sj 2019-04-27 dvgkh
Claire Lehmann sj 2019-04-27 dvgkh

somewhat disappointed by what Claire is posting. Remember, certain view in certain country was also mainstream, as well certain views in china ~1970. lots dead. malicious lie, attack, are not worth respect in any school of thought. sjgang are doing lots of that.

to think sj stuff mainstream is also ??. if consider number of people on earth, china, asia, russia, mid east, r not buying sjgang. of white nations, usa, canada, aus, west euro, it's also probably less than 10% of people. it's pop only in academia n big news corps $$$.

the claim about 100 genders? the redefinition of racisim and any other phrase so they fit the sjgang? the verifiable massive amount of verifiable lies daily by $$$ corps? the antifa violence, the shut up by force of any disagreement? Claire, i don't get what you going with this?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Idiot Vanguard Bar None

[What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense? By Tyler Rogoway. At ]

great article. and good to learn about Stephen Jay Gould and his book The Mismeasure of Man. Heard of him, never knew any detail. Now i know.

[The Mismeasurements of Stephen Jay Gould By Russell T Warne. At ]

recently i learned that Benjamin A Boyce ( ) has been documenting Evergreen university problems since its sj fiasco. Check out his YouTube channel if you want to study Evergreen details.

electric toothbrush, one of the great wonder of modern tech. electric toothbrush

by the way, don't buy those cheap ones.

Elon Musk is now sporting a anime profile photo. lol. nice.

elon musk anime profile twk9p
elon musk anime profile twk9p

i had to double take on this

elon musk anime 2019-04-22 dypj5.png 3dvwz
elon musk anime 2019-04-22 dypj5.png 3dvwz

CNN, MSNBC, ratings all time low. lol. they are the top fake video news. For online text, top fake news are New York Times, Buzzfeed, Vice, AJ+.

Jim Jefferies, SJ Gang

watching the fire at notre dame today, i can't fathom how we don't have a tech that quell fire. It could be my nerdy wishfulthinking while not knowing a bit about firefighting, but maybe it's because we really haven't investigated in such tech due to social flaws.

censorship by Google, Mozilla etc. Now gab try to build a browser. lots are happening due to the sjgang muffle. Many are starting alt platforms. This war, if we win, there's possibility it's gonna become the other extreme. Yet, we must fight it.

Are You Schizoid or Autistic?

fake autism and i am a pony

Ben Shapiro

Trump say WikileaksPeriodic_dosage_dir

Michael Avenatti (laywer of pnstar Stormy Daniels against Trump) $4.5 million private jet is seized. $4.5M. $4.5M jet. “Daniels later said that Avenatti had initiated the suit against her wishes”. lol

wikileaks Julian Assange got arrested

Julian Assange got arrested. The UK cops went in, grabbed him out.

clear video of #Assange arrest

2 of the guys in the video that grabbed Julian Assange, was filmed and questioned by Cassandra crew 1 day ago, who said they didn't know what wikileaks is

if you want trust worthy details about Julian Assage situation, go over to cassandra She flew over to UK 2 days ago, unplanned, and has been documenting it.

got lots things to post. often, pol stuff i think is good. but if even carefully selected, my tweets'd be filled with them. so usually i limit to 1 or 2 such a day. but missing a lot good stuff. Also, it's a tension of tug war on posting my own work, on coding, math, art, etc.

twitter troll 2019-04-09 x8zn9
twitter troll 2019-04-09 x8zn9

that's unreasonable characterization. You, for example, got 50k followers, are now exercising your clout in judging a black woman. Hollywood celebrities, far more popular than Candance, do it all the time.

i agree with you Marlene. But as you know, we are in culture war today. Things are pretty bad now. People are saying things to smear others. That's the primary purpose, not discuss. We can usually tell from the wording and past tweets. I'd rather join your group than Jessica.

Perish, or join one side perhaps that's lighter.

about Candace Owen, i agree she's a politician type., but the sjgang is 10 times worse. So, i support Candance. Like voting in political parties, all things considered, sometimes one don't have a choice.

about Candace Owen, i agree she's bad in many ways. but the sjgang is 10 times worse and in power (Google, facebook, twitter, banks, media). Candance is against sjgang, So i rather not see her fall. Like voting in political parties, we can't be too blunt, and has to be practical.

about Candace Owen, many antisjgang are attacking her. i agree she's bad in many ways. but the sjgang is 10 times worse and in power (Google, facebook, twitter, banks, media). Like voting in politics, we need to be practical.

2019 college admissions bribery scandal

2019 college admissions bribery 2019-04-10 jj9vd
Wikipedia, 2019 college admissions bribery 2019-04-10

excellent response by @RealCandaceO

who to follow on twitter for social justice

the sjgang. story on twitter

the sjgang. video report by timcast

i recommend to follow Debra Soh for trans issues

follow for quotes on feminism issues, culture, history, of Camille Paglia Paglia is top most scholar on culture and history

follow for reporting on sj issues. Andy Ngo is kinda annoyingly aloof. He never respond or fav your supporting tweets.

follow for scholarly take on sj issues

follow Cassandra Fairbanks for trustworthy wikileaks and Julian Assange news

follow for feminism issues. She made the top selling movie The Red Pill

follow Jordan Peterson of western scholars, the top 3 i admire are: Camile Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell Paglia and Peterson are broad and deep scholars.

follow She started the Quillette online site. I witnessed its birth in 2017. She's sharp and fair thinker.

follow Rubin Report for wide ranging interviews with famous people on issues of society

follow for fair reporting of news daily

follow Nick Monroe for deep dirt digging of sjgang. don't really like this guy, but he does do deep digging

follow Lindsay Shepherd for sjgang happenings in universities in Canada her YouTube channel is good

The above are my recommendations of people to follow on the sj issues. They are mostly fair, info rich, focused. there are lots others. meme stuff, immature YouTube “comedians”, pro trump randoms, etc. Not my thing. Am into stuff with depth.

finally, for completeness as a matter of record of self portrait, follow xahlee for non-conformist take on programing and human animals, with respect to whole history

Edward Snowdon , is still wanted in usa. currently hiding in Russian. Wikipedia says in Moscow.

omg, is this true? don't know what to believe anymore. gonna look into this

“Contrary to what we’ve been told, industrial seed oils such as soybean, canola, and corn oils are not “heart healthy” or otherwise beneficial for our bodies and brains; in fact, plenty of research indicates that these oils are making us sick.”

what i got out of it is this:

  • the site seems questionable. one of the clickbait site, on drama topic of diet.
  • seems, there is some truth about how corp began seed oil industry, and we don't eat it before 1900s or so.
  • i think olive oil, butter, are good. that's what am gonna do. switching away from rapeseed oil.

YoungBloodZ ♪ Damn

Cassandra Fairbanks, answer common questions about Julian Assange i've been watching Julian Assange since 10 years ago, still have blogs as a record. good to write blogs. cuz now, info becomes fuzzy history fast just after few years.

this resurfaced. i added a video Xah's Porn Outspeak

there is this guy on twitter Navel i found few weeks ago, apparently extremely popular among elite tech heads. i get the sense that this guy is crackpot. He sells get rich with a twist. you are in sillicon valley tech startup community, you wanna believe.

there's a youtube channel called black pigeon speaks.

i saw 1 episode california and “financial capitalism” just now, am impressed. then, saw this 'Why CHINESE JESUS still TERRIFIES Communist China' am turned off. this vid, is like taking matters from lurid mags and refry them in a scholarly wisdom way. it can fool those who r quite ignorant n want to believe.

video of Chongqing China. look at the beautiful girl driving

in this video from china gov, you can see Tibetan writing. Unicode Tibetan ࿓

Omo River Valley c6ryb-s1333x750
Omo River Valley, Ethiopia. Like, from Hollywood movies. 1920×1080 image source

while studying unicode ethiopic script, i learned that ethiopia is one of the poorest country. 50% of people don't have clean water, no food, etc. 25% girls pussy is cut.