fake autism and i am a pony

By Xah Lee. Date: .

i get quite annoyed by these day's fashion about autism. These folks singing it, to me, seems fakes. really. Also, it's a wonder their post got lots of views. yeah, i think it's all fake. and, what a wonder, you then see the pronouns declaration.


autism block twitter 2019-04-11 qyhcb
autism block twitter 2019-04-11

now that he blocked me, i post his full essay, as a matter of record.

mykola autism 2019-04-11 s4ntt
mykola autism 2019-04-11 [source https://twitter.com/mykola/status/1112883937272107008]

now i've read in detail what he wrote. worse then i thought. now i think it's actually scam.

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