Shit Southern Women Say (slang, accent, Humor) 📺

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Sh%t Southern Women Say, Episode 1
Oct 31, 2012
Southern Women Channel

This is directed by Julia Fowler


y'all You all. pronounced “ya all”. Southern colloquialism. See: English Accent: Alabama Accent 📺.

hey y'all

do you all do ??acrytics

monogram A design composed of one or more letters, typically the initials of a name, used as an identifying mark. (AHD) Here, it means to sign, as a celebrity signing a thing for his fan. [ Monogram ] [ ].

can you monogram me?

hey, how's your ??mom'n'nam?

my momma is driving me crazy.

my daddy's gonna kill me.

my daddy's gonna kill you.

Piggly Wiggly A supermarket chain popular in Southern regions. [ Piggly Wiggly ] [ ]

some fools stole my buggy at the Piggly Wiggly.

dern euphemism for “damn”. 〔[etymology of damn] «late 13c., “to condemn,” from O.Fr. damner “damn, condemn; convict, blame; injure,”»〕

dern, damn, shiit, dern, damnn, shiiit.

i love ??Clemson, goxxx

i hate ??Clemson.

propane a fuel for engine, heating, stoves, popular in South. See a photo of propane tank at Starry Americana
Walmart a popular supermarket chain. [ Walmart ] [ ]

they got propane on sale at Walmart.

how can i be out of hairspray.

is my hair too big.

my hair won't be nothing.

This cellulite cream ain't worth a crap.

darn my tanning bed's broke.

i'm fixed to go swimming.

i'm fixed to fry up some ??okla

i'm fixed to go beat your ass.

are you ready for Christmas?

are you ready for Christmas?

are you ready for Christmas?

Jesus drank wine.

Baptist {Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian} are popular sects of the Christrian religion in USA. Mostly of the Protestant division.

i go to first Baptist.

i go to first Methodist.

i go to first Presbyterian.

when i was a cheerleader.

debutante A young woman entering society. (“debut” into society) From French “débutante”, meaning “female beginner”. See Blondie's song 〈Dreaming〉.

when i was a debutante.

when i was a ??breatchairofcalmego?

Jack and Coke popular alcoholic drink. Daniel's whiskey and Coca-Cola. [ Jack and Coke ] [ ]

i'll have a Jack and Coke please.

Jack and Ginge Ginger is [ Ginger ale ] [ ]. A carbonated drink flavored with [ Ginger ] [ ].

i'll have a Jack and Ginger please.

i brought wazzinfindale.

funnel beer drink beer as fast as possible. [ Funnel ] [ ]

bet i funnel beer faster than you.

omg i know her, we used to ??pageant together.

can you believe that fat ass is our home coming queen.

she's dumb as dirt, bless her heart.

she got pot pissing, bless her heart.

we had to put ??nimo in a nursing home, bless her heart.

she found out her husband, bless her heart.

she ain't ??usedit mayonaise.

next week, i'm going on a diet.

i ain't Japanese, i'm using a fork.

casserole from the French word for “saucepan”, is a large, deep dish used both in the oven and as a serving vessel [ Casserole ] [ ]

dern, i don't have enough casserole dishes.

you need me to make cheesballs?

more 'tator?

ugh, i'm full as tick.

i'm gonna do the entire room in lord ashes?

i need to order trail ?? dresses please.

does this pistol come in pink?

you couldn't pay me living in New York.

i ?? network sucks.

is this tacky?

ever thought about selling ??mary k?

Tuppeware name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home, which were first introduced to the public in 1946. [ Tupperware ] [ ]

ever thought about selling Tuppeware?

ever thought about selling ??aimway?

we gotta go to the hospital, the ?? fell out of ?? again.

?Blake ?Shelton is cute as a button.

you better come give me some sugar.

honey, darling, sweetie, sugar, sweetie pop, sweetheart.

you don't need another boat.

he's a guber.

hope you got good insurance.

do what?

can you believe that bitch didn't write a thank-you note?

Thanks to [John Baez].

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