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Official Lincoln SteerTheScript Commercial
Feb 5, 2013
i'm going to tell you a story
about a car built for individuals
but the story, is driven by you,
with actual tweets, you sent to Jimmy Fallon
here it goes

Adina is going to someone else's wedding
“girl, today's your lucky day”
she picked up a German hitchhiker
who came America to study farming, how charming
discussing their mutual love for sweaters,
they drove past a alpaca farm
“it's the alpaca ?lips”

their make out  start by some tutrles crossing the road
next to some guys with PhD in leather
then they drove thru a movie setting count down
ruining the best performance aliens ever
ah, the tweets and turns of life
you may be surprised where they can take you
“the road, is full of love”

«this is a story that started with you alone,
because luxury always should»

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