Starry Americana

Americana means artifiacts of American culture. Starry Americana then means Star Spangled Americana. They are ubiquitous in the land of US of A.

us flag painted helicopter 52274
A tourist chopper completely painted in stars'n'stripes at Las Vegas, 2003-10. See also: Las Vegas travelog
Flag decorated soft drink vendor machines, San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California. 2004-10.
Terminator 3 pinball 11366
Pinball machine with the Terminator theme, displaying a waving USA flag in its video screen. Photo taken in a movie theater, Mountain View, California, USA, 2005-05.
Building-sized flag painted on a grain elevator on the side of interstate highway I80 at Chappell, Nebraska, USA. 2004-09.
fitness ad on wall 2003 07 San Francisco
Ad for fitness club plastered on a building wall, San Francisco, USA, 2003-07.
United Propane tank DSCN2462m
Flag themed logo of United Propane on a propane tank. Photo taken in Maryland, USA. 2004-10.
SSN-774 launching
A US submarine USS Texas (SSN-775) painted in USA Flag theme. [image source 2008-12-20 ]

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