A Pun Rhapsody: My Drunk Kitchen, Episode Nachos 📺

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My Drunk Kitchen: Nachos!
Sep 27, 2012

Your task today is to transcript this video, and annotate all its puns!

Let me know when done, i'll post it.

here's partial transcription


you got this, dude.

we put the ass is ?ascot?

you limy bastard

might put another nacho in my belt for this.

chips, nachos, chips, cheese… we are really chipping in the cheesiness for all our beans nas, nachos.

jagaritas jar + margarita


this lime's on the edge cuz his wife just left him.

nachos, much like fall apparel, is best done in layers.

so what's the first layer you should wear when you go out, side?

is, a healthy dose of self, respect.

don't forget your roots. clean as you go. We always did that, because we care.

where you put on top of self respect slash chips, guys?

you put on the part of you, that is warm, and embracing to humanity, right?

the dairy base part of you, that … y'know, cheese.

just go thru a phase. Is this a phase? Can i count this as a phase?

it's funny because my stomach says stop but my brain says, i give it up.

wee… i'm scottish, i'm scottish…

is this offensive? i'm sorry Scotland. i hope not. i respect you people and your culture.

does henna hate Scotland?

??? my backpacks

you may find you need a bowl, why you might ask? for the grater good.

i'm messy

i ....

it's good to leave your ice out, because it makes it easier to take out because it's all nothing.

this is how you test make sure your jar is closed…

add more cheese because more cheese equals more please cuz cheese pleasein me


where are we, where are we

who… what is that floating in this

humm shortcut the limes melting cheese

what's the next layer in your show?

it's beans. what does beans stand for? Boundaries, healthy boundaries.

let's open both, beans in the cans, beans, boobies.

you know? it's little things like that that lets you know you are on the right track. The right track. Never give up. Always believe in yourself. Sometimes i'm like i wanna cry in my drunk kitchen. Now's not one of those times.

hey guys, what happens when… hey guys, do you know that 2 melons, of the same sex can't get married? why Hennah? does that mean they can't elope (cantaloupe)?

right, we have whatever the fuck we said earlier. What comes next? Variety. What makes you unique? What makes you like that cool individual? It's by putting on a bunch of different things on your body face, ok? Different things like, onions. meow meow meow. Avacado.

that's one of the ones we can just pretend didn't happen.

salsa, what wives will use to judge each other subtly.

i always like mine spicy because my ?? dorico??

nachos is so good.

this is great.

oh, get in my mouth faster. fuck fuck fuck

eight eight eight

pretty nachos ??? oh wait, oh tequila

hey guys, what you get when you take a bunch of liquor, and combine it with a piece of literature you read, and sophomore year highschool? tequilla mocking bird. Boom!

this is nice, with my eyes closed. Put on my head. Now i'm in a secret country of my own. You've never been here before.

meow, pupu, meow meow meow pupu. why's there fart that's what i call music

while you are waiting for nachos, eat your dinner. because nachos is basically the savory desert of life.

(cough) ouhh, close call.

this is nacho, this is not you, this is not what you shall expected

oh ya, we are not chosen. That sounds like lyric to some indie band song. we are not chosen, we are not chosen. And all these kids cry and like “dad, you didn't love me because you are too busy practicing tennis and giving me free college then i bought my own car and drove across the country to get a job and now i resent you for absolutely no reason, cuz i'm entitled to privilege, not Mexican people obviously.”

oh the best part is the part that's so gooey that's not even in the chip anymore.

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. how do all these different bitch, work in perfect timing? I don't know but that's how we should strive to be. And everybody says “see me”, cuz we just want integrity.

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