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This page contains my contact info and a short profile and interests.


My name is Xah Lee. (李杀, aka: polyglut, p0lyglut) Am Chinese by blood, but lived most of my adult life in California, USA. I do computer programing for a living, since 1995.

Education: i attended Foothill college and DeAnza college (California, USA) during ~1991 to 1994. These are 2-years community colleges. I took all math courses they offered. Pretty much highest being different equations and linear algebra. That's pretty much my formal education.

Profession: I'm a programer by profession. The companies i worked for are notably Wolfram Research in 1995 for 6 months as a intern, and WebOrder/Netopia during 1999 to 2002. (WebOrder was bought by Netopia in ~1999, and Netopia is bought by Motorola in 2007). My expertise is unix admin, web application development, using unix, Apache, perl. Besides web app dev, my expertise also lies in programing geometry visualization.

My credentials are mostly my website xahlee.org, developed since 1996 and is on going. Notably, visited by 9 thousands visitors per day, linked from hundreds of math edu institutions and programing websites, and cited in a few math text books and math journals. I taught once geometry visualization programing using Mathematica to grad math students at National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan, in 2003. Thanks to professor Richard Palais for the invitation.

See also: Printed references to XahLee.org, XahLee.org Site Awards and Recognition.

Photo of Xah, taken in 2006. More photos of me here.

Bio by Facts

Sex: Male.

Birth Year: 1968.

Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan. (grew up there till i was 14).

Current Residence: Mountain View, California, USA.

Ethnicity: Chinese.

Nationality: USA, Republic of China (Taiwan), People's Republic of China.

Religion: Atheist, or Greek Mythology.

Marital Status: Single.


Following may not be used often or dead.

GPG key. I don't have GPG key for a decade now. If something is important, ask me for GPG key and i'll get one.


Sites i own and run:

Other Online Sites

many i no longer use. The date is first use.

Interests, Favorites

Every goddamn site asks you to fill a profile, like what movies you like, what's your fav sports, etc. Here it is, once for all.


Math, porn, computing, technology, girls.


Swimming, skating, walking, hiking.

Yes i love (doing) sports, but don't enjoy any team sports. Been quite athletic all my life at a competitive level, but i kinda stopped being active since 2003 (at age 35).

I do not watch sports, in particular never team sports. I do enjoy watching showmanship sports such as figure skating, gymnastics.

Favorite Books

For a full list, see: Literature Classics.

Favorite Music

Franz Liszt, Bach, David Bowie, Prince.

see http://xahmusic.org/music/index.html

Favorite TV

Have not watched TV since 1999.

Favorite movies

Dr Strangelove, Movie: a Clockwork Orange, Born On The 4th Of July, Brazil, Cabaret, Lolita, Julie Taymor's Titus, Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬, Wizard Of Oz, Sex Lies Videotape, Batman, American Beauty, Run Lola Run, Princess Bride, porn.

For a full list, see: Xah's Favorite Movies.

Favorite food

I'm concerned with subsistence. So, when it comes to cuisines (with its fancy connotation), almost any is a delight to me. And, i am omnivorous, and don't in general require the food be tasty (though i'd enjoy it). My stable feed in daily life for the past 20 years is roughly non-fat milk, whole wheat bread, pasta, eggs (usually just egg white), banana and many tropical fruits, and brocoli and carrots, cheese, yogurt. When i eat out, i usualy pick animal flesh since i don't often cook myself.

For more detail, see: Xah Lee Food, Monk Diet .

Favorite Visual Artists

Robert Crumb, Moebius, Stanislaw Szukalski, Milo Manara, M C Escher.

For a full list, see: Xah's Visual Arts Gallery.

You can read a longer, colorfully written short bio of me at: Personal Info about Xah Lee.