Photos of Xah Lee

Me in 2006-07 at “3DXM Consortium meeting 2006” (UC Irvine, CA, USA)

xah lee 2006
Me, 2006.
200409 xah
My beautiful hair, fails to resolve the problems of humanity. And, it is falling apart by age. 2004.
xah lee and wan lee, 2005-11
Me and my sister. 2005-11.

Completely Nude at a hotel in Las Vegas, selecting a hooker, 2003-10: (Note: the following photo contains a clear view of my penis. Be warned with regards to your cultural upbrinings with viewing this image.) Photo Of A Total Nudity. See the full story here: A Close Encounter with a Prostitute in Las Vegas

My cock, full one octave in length: Photo of Erect Penis Over Piano Keys.

Xah, 2003-07
A vision. At Paul's house. 2003-07.
beach flight, Xah 2003-08
Beach Flight with Martin Guest of Tokyo Metropolitan University, 2003.

Me in 2003 at 2003 NCTS-NSF Workshop on Differential Equations, Surface Theory, and Mathematical Visualization.

Xah Lee juggling, 2003-01-01

Some photos of a hiking trip taken with my ex-coworkers. I'm the one in pink. 1, 2, 3 at Netopia, 2001

long hair mirror
Master. 2001.
Xah Lee Netopia office-s
My spaced out office at Netopia, 2001.
Stare you stare me. 2001.
toilet room
Public toilet narcissism. 2001.
I have been a pretty face. My life hasn't. 2000.
Zany. 2000.
1987, Xah Lee, self-portrait
1987 — 19-years-old — I was going to rule the world.