Art of Milo Manara

Milo Manara (born 1945) is a topnotch illustrator. He usually draws naked woman, erotic illustrated stories mostly.

Manara's official website is

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tiger strip back
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Indian woman
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the ape fuck
A illustration from his Monkey King graphic novel. The theme is inspired from the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West (西游记; aka The Monkey King).

[see 西游记 (Journey To The West)]

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Book cover of El Gaucho. Buy El Gaucho Illustration by Milo Manara, story by Hugo Pratt. A story on the era of imperialism. The girl on the book cover is a Irish prostitute, sweet, wanton, and full of yearning. She died involuntarily by hanging her entire body weight through a rope noose around her neck.

Here's some other Manana's graphic novels i have read:

Russian Milestones

A illustration by Milo Manara (born 1945).

Historical figures and milestones of Russia. From artwork compilation.
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Other pictures:

Who's the dark siloutte figure with a nail thru the neck, on upper right? (answer: it might be Ivan the Terrible as depicted in the film Ivan the Terrible (film) (Иван Грозный), directed by Sergei Eisenstein (1898 to 1948) (thanks to [François-René Rideau]) )

Thanks to people on alt.usage.english who have helped in identification. Source

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