“American Beauty” Screenshots

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“i want to look good naked” — American Beauty

Mena Suvari
Stereotypical flashy teen girl of American produce.
American Beauty
I love the blonde for everything that is her teen Americanism. I love the redhead for her gothic allusion.
American Beauty
Look at the blonde, of her views and expressions of the world's affairs.
Thora Birch
The gothic chick, now in love. Look at her fixation at the object of her desire. Predatory animals usually have both eyes in front, as to form a stereoscopic vision on their prey. Stereoscopic vision is critical, because it provides judgement of distance, and that is important because for example, when it is time to pounce.

American Beauty

The blonde actress is Mena Suvari (born 1979) , and the brunette is Thora Birch (born 1982).


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