Feminism, Students, and BDSM

By Xah Lee. Date:

When fanatics do their war cry, i join the opposition. The greater the fanaticism, the greater my mania. -- Xah Lee

Dear unhip feminists,

As i can see from your outputs, i was quite surprised to know that you vocal “feminists” here knew so little about the ageless and omnipresent porn of humanity, nor much about the modern subculture of BDSM (Bondage/Discipline/Sadism/Masochism sexual practice practitioners).

I want to give you folks a few tips about BDSM so you can learn more about the subject matter. For porn i'll write another day. But before i do, let me say a few thing about students. (In particular, American students)

Many people here, especially those vocal, are students. And many of these students are involved in courses termed “women's studies”. Students of institutionalized education are the most loud-mouthing bunch on earth of any age group, second to crying infants. They being young, semi-moron, have nothing, and got nothing to lose, are fervent in expressing themselves, especially related to their course work. They don't really, truly give a fuck about the subject of their study such as feminism. What they care more is that they voice their opinions, making themselves heard, make-believe that they know and care, and that they have good grades.

The scenario can be likened to a conference in a classroom, in which they compete in voicing their opinions, sometimes raising their hands. On one hand, they are unsure and observe gingerly the reactions of their teacher or peers for clues, on the other hand, each is dead certain that he is right, and is absolutely not diffident in putting forward his opinions, however laughable.

In general, a fully mature adult human animal will be concerned about his neighborhood. The especially learned ones will take responsibility, and they deeply care about society. This care differs from student care. Students are more concerned about arguments, citing books, thru their copy-do and callowness. With a course or few, they will have grand says on matters, full-fledged with academic formality if they are above average. If a student is taking a course on, say, economy, the first thing she'll do on a social networking site is to join a forum related to economics, and participate in no shy part of solving the world's economy.

If a subject matter conflicts with their interest, say, calling for eliminating student's participation, they students will stage demonstrations and riots, not in the interest of the subject matter, but themselves.

They young things, are lead by the nose by a select group of previous generation of human animals, who for one reason or another strikes a living thru teaching. A good percentage of these academicians, amidst the hard battle of living, long ago forgot what it is that they cared about. And thru the social structure called academia, many has become a mere automaton, churning out papers to maintain their livelihood. Those degree-holding students under this modern institutionalized system of mass education, a good half don't really know what they are talking about. And all of them behaves as if they knew the entirety of the universe.

To understand BDSM, one can begin with few books. Story of O by Pauline Reage is classical one written in the 20th century. This is a tale where you can learn the mentality of people who enjoys BDSM, and what kind of things they do. Another is Sleeping Beauties trilogy by Anne Rice. This trilogy is quite tiring and long, but gives you more complete illustration of things SM communities fantasizes or do. It is so graphic and sexually bewildering that some of you militantly prude “feminists” might faint with disgust and anger. Anne Rice is a she (so is Pauline), and is the same guy who wrote the extremely successful Vampire chronicles series. (made into movies such as Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned Buy at amazon ) Unlike Story of O, the Sleeping Beauties series not only torture pussies for pleasure, but also cocks. Still, both books border within the context of the word we all desperately want to hear: Consensual.

Finally, there are books Justine, Juliette and Philosophies in the Bedroom by Marquis de Sade (1740 to 1814), where we got the word sadism. In his books, you'll find graphic description of many methods and ways of sexually torturing of girls and boys and women and men to deaths for pleasure, intermixed with philosophical diatribe morality treatise. If Anne Rice's book makes “feminists” wet their panties with madness, Sade kills; you persecuting moralist morons.