Xah Lee Poems: The Writ of My Heart

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
 When a person's sanity is at balance,
 when human passion is raging,
 no etiquette must get in the way.
     -- Xah Lee, 2001.

By happenstance that I, also have fallen into the vacuity of poesy. I assure you 'tis not by intention, but the rape of serendipity. Most of these are by-products of communication of online fora. Rendered by the force of compassion, a impetus of anguish, feelings come thru the screen. Nothing have stopped it. You didn't stop it.


on the road πŸ›€ of AI πŸ€– age
cometh the Wuhan πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ bat πŸ¦‡ death πŸ’€
U.S. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ raging bull πŸ‚ gallops
to one mega leaps of faith πŸ™
i goto fridge make sandwich
opened the door and saw virus
six feet backing off scares
into the chaos of bat death

maybe god is sending us a message. if you look at the numbers, get their ratios and cross ratios in order, maybe it has a message. The message is: you gonna die!

went to bed, thinking of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, cryptocurrency, and future of humanity. wake, i see zombie death

Self Portrait

i will build a dam, when there is a pussy flood.
for i am a collector of nature, and a lover of its treasure.
i will use my savings, to quench those thirsty, and lubricate those angry,
for i have suffered and suffered; the pain and anguish.

magic a scissor i wish
so sharp and so cross
so that i can chop
chop off brainless heads

i would like to swing
a giant ax swing
off with their heads
of priests and deans

evil wish i be
hatred i behold
the righteous and the main
torture with no death
befalls to them


recently i read,
mankind was not kind,
Charles Bukowski,
how i love you so.

speak truth you do,
of folks on his earth,
pettiness and conceit,
fucking asses and holes.

humble and polite,
decent and all-right,
God this, children that,
motherfucking lies.

i'm on your side,
let us make a friend,
power shall we hunger,
death to those differ.

we shall speak truths,
truths of our own kind,
just like mankind,
fuck opposing kinds.

ethics we device,
moral we indite,
praying we force,
down mankind's throats.

mankind you fuckfaces,
we are truth harbingers,
conform and revere,
lest God strike you down.


Above, written as a postscript in a post in comp.lang.lisp. Inspired by recent readings about Charles Bukowski.

dark clouds looming,
surrounding me, in a deserted island.
because i see the stars,
shining and bright,
they are killing me.

iron ball,
rusted and scarred,
tittering on the window sill,
wondering, when
i'm gonna fall

dear cocks,

it is often the case,
that i do contemplate,
the degree of cockiness,
that i should exhibit myself.

if showing-off too much,
i then beget revulsion.
if i show not enough,
then i'm not man enough.

therefore i trounce,
when being pressed,
on the delicate balance,
that i might have trashed.

now you understand,
'tis not my loftiness,
but my frailties,
that you should endorse.

on the other hand,
with regard to the universe,
my name is Xah Lee,
and i'm still matchless.

i wish to bore myself, a task drear and dear,
of bearing naked girls; bodily toil and moil.
in that i learn contact, of flesh and humanity.
and meditate the heavy duty, of men and eternity.
chick a flirt,
raging a cock,
don't have it you?
fuck off


writing art

when poets in this world,
savvy an integral or sum,
then belles-lettres and their utters,
might sum to some value.

i have a lesson for smart asses,
that poesy is not found in thesaurus,
but thesaurus is the foundry of poem,
only if you are not an ass.

I, Xah Lee,
grammarian and academician
justice and vengeance
pain and punishment
as tormentor and the damned
I to them



she mounts the cockpit mine
ready to fly the sky
to the height of her soul
over the horizon high
rise above the throttle
punch down with a grunt
the sky spins fast
sweats and tits fly
fire burning behind
thrust pitch and dive
in fury of Gs climb
legs clamp breaths pant
red hot friction heat
bustle the whole expanse
power of fuel injection
combust in tunnel tight
glide for a rest
time for another flight


The above is the response after reading a poem of sexual tone in rec.arts.poems:

i tweaked your nipples
until they were f-15s
turning on the afterburners
we rose into the sunrise
and your face only confessed
savoring my genitals
i paint the character for love
on the sweat on your chest
you keep my balls in a purse
you swing over your shoulder
when you need to feel free
    -- david rutkowski, 2005 Jan 14
I imagine, you and me,
strike a fire, two of us,
warm our hearts, body to body,
a perfect fit, dick and cunt.

as to courtship, redundant,
as to romance, how it is,
preordained, schizoids,
doll and dildo, you and me.


the above is written to a extremely intelligent prostitute i acquainted online in a schizoid forum at yahoo.com.

a speck of my body,
then you come along,
a pulchritude of Athena,
a sultriness of Aphrodite,
the effect of your appearance,
a magnitude of heaven and earth,
a tumescent transcendence,
to behold.


The above is written publicly in orkut.com to a rich, beautiful, and brainy 18-years-old girl at Stanford University, in which i got no response. Her name is Yi Shi.

online persona virile geek
pretty girls i do seek
arid net masculine void
rec.art.poems auspice femme

living legend one giant prick
wanting honey cuddling home
poetry can do on or off
quench your thirst body and mind

sweeping you off of your feet
up and down tossing you high
commading you as your wish
making you cum cum after cum

stop the planet like right now
for you have found one true love
send me photos one two three
and we unite from there on


The above is written when i discovered forum rec.art.poems.

with goodly gree, I'll take Psyche.
disrobe her rosy gown,
bare her soul,
effect her weep,
a wail of women make.

a flower so fleshy,
a warmth innermost,
dig and besiege,
psyche soma incessant.

yonder daisies and nymphs,
come hither pleasure my cause,
I fulfill you rub,
nurture the wallflower belle,
to one sexual bless.


The above is written in response to reading this poem on alt.english.usage online forum.

Psyche chooses the rose petal gown
Knowing daisies and forget-me-nots
(those wispy maidens)
are picked first every time.

So she becomes a wallflower pressed
to sleep forgotten
Between the creases of a book
 -- Diana (Diana_of_the_hunt @ excite.com) 2005-01-19
i will become an ironclad
airplane if bijou wants me to
ram thru rocky belts
and bear fiery skies

i will become a conniving fish
if bijou wants me to
submerged in breathlessness
mum under one thousand tons
with a cry swing my tail
tsunami to cause, continents to tumble
when the dearly beloved bijou
speak with her eyes

i will become a swirl
a caressing nothingness
to be 'round her great person
and escapade in her aura

i will be a man
when bijou wants me to
to fuck her carnality
and tread the earth and sea

she will have me become
anything she will have me be
bijou a mistress in fine
a puss of most acute charm


The above is dedicated to a redhead i acquainted online, who is exceedingly knowledgeable and cute. But at the end i seem to be ignored.

all ye chicks of lettered art,
perk thy ears and hearken my charm,
β€œWet pearls she wept and mine like chalcedony rolled
And, joined in milky riviere, around her neck they hung.”
like an arrow flies life's juice,
thy heart I aim thy chest I splash.


The above came from a discussion on alt.usage.english on a poem in The Third Kalandar's Tale of Richard Burton's Arabian Nights.

They say beauty is in the beholder of the eye.
I say ugliness is in the eyes of beholders.

it never fails me to trample every lovely hearts, leaving a trail of blood.
In the encyclopedia of sex, there are every kind of fits.

and when it comes to nonsense, poetry is the nonsensest of them all.
In this swirl of passion, i paint the spirit of graffiti.

Xah pissed here, April 2000.

The above is written as a guestbook of a tech girl's website, of which i like. Her name is C J Silverio.


there is a Python, pithy
mighty, lissome, and tabby
algorithms it puffs
conundrums it snuffs
and cherished by those savvy

there is a camel, kooky
ugly, loathsome, ungainly
hacking it supports
TIMTOWTDI it sports
and transports DWIM-wit's fancy


The above is written as the opening of my Python Tutorial project.

The church of emacs filling
of chars lispy and binding
buffers insert yank
meta sexp add-hook
eight M-bites and C. swapping


The above is written for in i think comp.lang.lisp, used for my Emacs Tutorial.

In my last message I dedicated a poem to all common lispers:

My name is Scheme,
pure and beautiful,
but in the real world,
i rape and beat lisps,
all of them to death.

Now, i wish to complement it by a dedication to the Schemers:

The fire in my eyes,
burning fierce and bright,
reflecting flare before my eyes,
Common Lispers' asses alight.

In conclusion to the topic of this thread, i dedicate this one to all
siblings in-fight:

My brethren lessons a learnt,
never utter truths a bent,
lest Xah elder wrath a birth,
thy buttocks =puff=, ignite.


the above is written is a computer language forum (comp.lang.lisp) after a bout of argument where Common Lisp fanatics accuse Scheme fanatics that Scheme is not in the family of LISP languages.

I know a monger named Wall
who always peddles his Perl
if he had any grasp
he would just lisp
Wall's nothing but a troll


The above is written in a computer language forum (comp.lang.perl.misc).

in the climb to geekdom,
you have few rungs to catch,
before you see my ass.


The above is riposte to snide remarks by tech geekers, in a computer language forum (never posted).

emacs's *scratch*
amounts to a bitch
but we cannot ditch
the banner of our church

Apple O S X
one of those U nix
beauty and beasts
new Eunuchs' Complex

i love Apple O S
i hate all Eunuchs
now with O S X
love hate amiss

the sea of fanatics
unices 'n' Open Source
Beavises 'n' Buttheads
making all the noises

Think Differenter's voices
clamoring all over places
beauty and Eunuchs
marries in peace

in my dream O S
there is no unix
beauty and elegance
without fanatics


The above is written in a Mac OS forum, in the year when Mac OS switched to unix.

one bag of morons.
don't have time to deal with now.
will write off in few days.

maybe i'm down,
but sometimes i wonder,
whether my problems's cause,
i'm a outlier of mind.
coupled with a character,
due by a odd growth'n'faring,
rose a difficulty,
with the sea of 'holes,
and the motherfucking heart,
that's in males, demonic.


The above is writen to describe my encounters of the tech geekers in newsgroups.

pain and hatred

once upon a time there lived a creature in the valley of
suffering, whose name is Pain.

one day Pain met a playmate, and her name is Pang.

Pain and Pang thus lived in their insufferable union, impervious of
happiness, happily ever after.


Above is written impromptu when trying to post to a test area for testing google's web based newsgroup system at groups.google.com. I think i was trying to test whether google uses unicode, and during the post, i thought i also wanted to post something meaningful, other then just β€œhi this is a test”.


a red flame,
flamboyant skirt,
flaring up for all to see,
her beauty and heat.

above written for a photo of a flower and photo of a hot woman. See: The Flaming Cyclamen.

'tis of the age
of Gender Feminists
hitting the American stage
questioning she and he
extols the queer and weird
and axing the womanly and manly
upon a glittering postmodernity


The above is written in a feminism forum. See What Is Gender Feminism?

on Orkut ladies Brazilian
brazenly a pretty a million
whose tongue is nimble
of bi-and-lingual
in numbers sextillion


The above is written on the online forum orkut.com, where it is invaded by Brazilian ladies with their sexual expressiveness. See A Cross-Cultural Look of Sexual Anthropology thru orkut.com.