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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked 2019-08-30 j5vr8
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked 2019-08-30 j5vr8
unix philosophy seven 2019-08-30 kz4zt
unix philosophy seven 2019-08-30 kz4zt

2019-08-22 我急,在说一点希望包容。千万不要接受美国或其他国外访问。过去有的的算了。事情会搞得越来越糟。我是台湾生。20岁住美国。是美国人。没去过大陆。支持大陆。美国的花样看了30年。

NASA more trees 2019 npsyy-s279x224
NASA Says World is Greener
epoch times 2019-08-20 m5tqp-s217x289
Epoch Times Falungong



china live taking organs 2019-08-20 c7n6g
china live taking organs 2019-08-20 c7n6g



Jiang Zemin twitter 2019-08-20 9pqhr
Jiang Zemin twitter 2019-08-20 9pqhr
Jiang Zemin ogling girl zffhv
Jiang Zemin ogling girl zffhv


scihub Alexandra Elbakyan 2019-08-18 ry3dk-s255x245
Scihub creator Alexandra Elbakyan

megaupload kim dotcom

the megaupload kim dotcom case is still fighting for extradition since fbi raided his newzeland mansion in 2012. this guy is skum. fraud over 3 countries. also note, he said the mega nz was taken over by nz gov. so, beware if using.

kim dotcom 2019-08-18 x6r45
kim dotcom 2019-08-18 x6r45

Antifa Hammer 美国白左派,铁捶打人

Hong Kong Problem





如果没有听过这些,我可以推网站,YouTube 电台,推特上人。注意,不是有没有的问题。这个问题,从2016年川普上阵,每天媒体吵,推特上喊,斗争的厉害。不止是美国,白人国现在都是这样。推特控制信息。


香港问题=白左问题。这个人讲解 Hong Kong problem = western elite. thread

8chan creator in video

8chan creator Fredrick Brennan

timpool sensationalism

since past 1 year, timpool been doing sensationalism. you used to do actual reporting, but now 80% of video content is repeating your same old uneducated opinion, and 4 videos per day. really got sick of you Tim.

psy warfare, democracy vs social justice

. @Quillette is supposed to be reason. But this Claire tweet isn't reasonable. it's emotion exciting. on the other hand, on twitter everyone shoot random all the time. No biggie. I happened to be Chinese by blood, and don't buy the typical whitemen+democracy=china-evil view.

lol. as far as opinion goes, my opinion is HK protest happened because USA CIA/NED is sending 💰 to a few hungry orgs. Like, O, China+Islam, please do send more 💰 so femism+intersect+race cripple white nations.

US pouring $ to rebel in other nations is no secret. NED say amount on its website. You know @TulsiGabbard on regime change? and Noam Chomsky? It's not to say Chinese don't bitch. But most prob the western mainstream media cry, is more than it seems.

lol, your characterization of Mao, exposes your bias to any as skin deep. Also, about social credit many of u r crying. let me tell u son, vast majority of Chinese in China don't care, just like vast majority in US love ok Google iphone mapping ya life out. Convenience trump all.

hiding as Japanese on twitter

i noticed, a lot people hiding as Japanese by using Japanese names as account name. but they don't speak Japanese. also, many chinese from china doing that too i think. This happens on twitter and mastodon too.

safari can't do YouTube anymore?

about a month ago, safari will often not play youtube videos on youtube site. Sometimes reload fixes it, sometimes not.

chances are, Google is fucking it from behind

styx hammer 666 dude

ok, this styx hammer 666 is a smart dude. A learned man. on the other hand, tim pool, is not too smart, ignorant, except everything happening on twitter

I Respectfully Disagree With Tim Pool: No Civil War is Looming
Aug 09, 2019

8chan El Paso Daytona

Fredrick Brennan 8chan 2019-08-08 v6pjd
Fredrick Brennan 8chan 2019-08-08
xah lee 8chan 2019-08-10 w2hmk
xah lee 8chan 2019-08-10 w2hmk

am sorry to say, that part actually i don't care much. it's muddy. It's a American obsession, and now many lgbtqsjw r pushing FOR it. also, r we talking about ≺ 13 or ≻? cartoon or real pic? the few times i went 4chan, i haven't seen real pd. otoh, i've seen it on twitter!

i have 1k YouTube subscribers now. there is a bag of money on the ground. i wonder if i should pick.

notch minecraft

my snarky remark on notch minecraft got hit! lol.

notch minecraft 2019-08-08 z6rwv
notch minecraft 2019-08-08 z6rwv

what does sike mean?

answer: it's like: “ha tricked ya”

rotting your life away on twitter

i get the feeling that if i kept doing twitter etc daily like now, in 10 years, i'll be nowhere, and dead. maybe i should quit twitter.

gab and bitchute, racy bait

There is gab @getongab and @bitchute They r free speech sites. Great. But when you follow them on twitter, most posts are biased batshit u no want. Why? cuz twitter facebook made popularity = drama. If you wanna be heard, you are forced to do anger/drama/clickbait/meme.

美国有 CIA,NED 机构

美国有 CIA,NED 机构,专门资金国外团体早饭🥣。香港一些集团,想要钱💰,就要有动作。动作可嘉,💰就来了。就好像那个刘先生一样,拿了百万美金。

your sjw acquaintances

feeling inadequate. and seems many (most?) mathematicians on twitter are on the sjw side. feeling very sad. well, but the major reason people feel unhappy is when worried about sustenance.

when running into mathematician acquaintances or programer who's on sjw side, there is a question what to do. Today (3 years after 2016), for programers i basically cut all ties unless they want to talk.

when running into mathematician acquaintances who's on sjw side and occasionally posted pro sjw stuff, there is a question what to do. Often i feel like reaching out and maybe spark a conversation. But in the end i just stay quite.

for programers who post sjw stuff often, i basically cut all ties. (back in 2016, when i see programer acquaintances unfollow me due to my rare anti sjw post, i feel bad for hours. and i never unfollow them. That was then.)

Disappearing Follow List

Looks like twitter is doing unfollow to many conservatives today. (see ). This happens on youtube too. Hard to notice.

Solution is to not rely on their list. Use browser bookmarks instead. Painful but more meaningful.

when relying on cloud, your stuff may disappear or mutate. It has happened, and can happen in any future moment when you need it the most, and likely to happen at that precise moment, if happens. It's about someone pressing a button.

you know you have pets? your cat was born in your house, never went out, and don't want to. human animals in modern society is kinda like that. when you are comfy, have job, have car, everything's fine. Not interested in unpopular pol views.

乱。英文就是 chaos。这个字,具有人性的精华。

乱。英文就是 chaos。乱,这个字,一直觉得很强大,具有人性的精华。比方,心慌马乱。乱世佳人。中国近代史,从1900年,大概多是属于乱世。美国,加拿大,澳大利亚,英国,法国,白人国,从2016年,也是乱。乱,就是你杀我砍看谁厉害。 Michael Zhang 張雨軒 @YuxuanMichael BREAKING - Fighting has broken out at North Point between Protesters and local residents. #HongKongProtests #HongKong

有些学者,比方 Steven Pinker 喜欢说 从统计学角度看,世界有进步。比方,民主越来越多,杀人少了,暴力少了,饿死少了,富余多了,等。我看是不见得。现在AI控制信息,突飞科技把人推了一把。跌伤跌死都不知到。


timpool is becoming a scum. 5 vids a day to cash in on pol drama. he used to do ground work reporting. i stopped watching him, because i can't stand it after 3 min.

timpool is a uneducated man (he kept saying not having gone to school as advantage). but he's also unlearned man. he does not even know how to write an essay (he has said, and i was shocked). yet mouthing about philosophy and viewpoints on and on in his vids.

lol, US politicians are clawing each other's eyes out about busing. i dunno how idiotic it is until i looked up what's busing. If any mentions race gets a electric shock, US will be a better place for all. 'was already pretty good, till sjw gang put race in every sentence.

Democratic Candidate Debate 2019-07

Tulsi Gabbard