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Kathy Zhu

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Idiot Vanguard Bar None

Tulsi Gabbard

Sweden and Its People, not blond gods and goddesses as i thought

before 2010, i thought Sweden is one of the best place on earth. (i've never been to Europe) After wikileaks Assange incident, it changed my mind.

A$AP Rocky Faces TWO YEARS In Prison, My Advice? DONT Go To Sweden
Published on Jul 25, 2019

Now, apparently Sweden is one of the most creepy place on earth. I trust timpool's say.

getting a license to carry gun in California in nearly impossible

[Applying for Concealed Carry in Santa Clara County By Chris Long. At ]

妈了个屄,原来谷歌推 周有光 是宣传。在美国活了30年,所有媒体只要谈到大陆,就是坏话,要美国民主扔炸弹来解放。这几年和大陆人接触,才知道,“很多”大陆人蒙在鼓里,每天跟者美国唱。

我是1989,21岁到美国的(从加拿大)。一直在美国生活。没有跟任何中国人接触,不管是台湾,大陆,或海外。大陆或台湾,在美国一直是个屁。直到2008,大陆突然崛起,天天都是China新闻,就是半攻击半怕哪种。第一次感觉到是突然发现很多大陆人写的emacs 插件。然后是~2012,我穷慌,突然大陆人捐我钱


然后渐渐发现大陆程序员的一个问题。很奇怪。会翻墙的,天天看到一堆他妈了个屄,网上乱骂。骂共产党也罢,但是天天是中国人贱或什么的。妈了个屄,什么病?还有有些是直接台湾万岁的。我台湾生。蒋介石,蒋经国,蒋纬国,陈水扁 土匪强盗 混蛋透顶。这大陆人什么病?


very sad that the young people today (say age 15 to 30) seems degenerate, ignorant, and without basic moral sense. Often unhappy, yet do random shit online such as mobbing, thrive by drama, and attitude “lalala what you gonna do about that?”

this soph girl 🤯. my brain is to slow to follow

YouTube: Parental Discretion Advised [RE-UPLOAD]
Published on Apr 5, 2019

looks like Lindsay Shepherd [] got ban'd. Twitter permanently silences Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd

you can still follow Lindsay Shepherd on YouTube

major fake news sites

Colombia Journalism Review also fake news. Reminder, major fakenews are: New York Times , washington post, vice, motherboard, verge, aj+, cnn, msnbc.

look at New York Times. 4M followers. posts every hour or 2. Only 100 or so likes per post.

I see New York Times ads “promoted” post daily. Literally, paying people to read their fake news.

Miley Cyrus - Love Money Party dqxnn
Miley Cyrus - Love Money Party dqxnn

milen gen, when soft porn and mainstream entertainment are together as one. The real problem is, denial.

Miley Cyrus - Love Money Party - Live Frankfurt
Aug 4, 2014
Liberty Smiler

that's Miley Cyrus. Traditionally this is indecency. In 90s, jail. Or, perhaps we've reached utopia. but a utopian society don't have unrest like rape etc injustice cries and violence daily. Degenerate chaos is more apt description.

France, still in chaos. while mainstream media do censorship.

timcast 2019-07-08 d9gyc-2
timcast 2019-07-08 d9gyc-2

licking ice cream challange

there is this going on

and this. opening listerin in store, gargle it, spit it back, put it back

spewing oil on the floor

so the viral video of a guy spiting in a bottle of Arizona tea and put it back on store shelve, is fake. it was a wrestling show promo.

#icecreamchallenge real problem is twitter

Belle Delphine suicide dance 2019 84s4b-s192x325
Belle Delphine suicide dance

Kavanagh vs Christine Ford

Jonathan Kay @jonkay said: “We inhabit an absurd age in which standing up for free speech and due process, which have been championed by the *left* at many points in modern history, makes you some kind of alt-right crypto-Nazi.” []

this is true. A great reversal of American culture. the causes are roughly: political correctness from left academia since 90s. the rise of social media by greedy corps, mainly google twitter facebook, that breed mis-info and clan. and corrupt politicians, mostly left.

the above is simplified. detail is more complex, as always. Part of the reason tech corp became like that, besides money, is programer's ignorance of humanity. They think tech can solve everything, believes utopia comes by sheer good heart.

of all the problem and causes, i think it can be solved by twitter facebook simply: ① stop all forms of algorithmic control of posts. ② remove any form of like/heart. ③ stop any form of “report” button. ④ no char limit, or 3k. ⑤ allow any to search/list old posts easily.

if this is done, the clan behavior will disintegrate. clickbait/fakenews will much go away cuz won't work. So the pol split will smooth out. but, twitter, facebook, may lose dominance. It is this, that these corps refuse. They knew.

the more drama, the more anger, the more busy twitter is, the more money they make by ads.

Andrew Yang

in USA, one common way politician get more votes is by promising benefits. e.g. today we have, clear student debt, Reparation, free health care, Universal Income, legalize alien. Like getting a mail saying you won lottery. It's a psy trap. Free lunch always sounds good.