Periodic Dosage 2012-12

Google AdSense Ban

Google is banning me left and right. Now, this page GNAA Weev Troll Song (Kesha — TiK ToK), they say is violating their AdSense rules.

Here's other moral-sensitive songs. Sensitive Songs Index

I started to put Google ads in 2005. Within one month, they ban'd me, probably because i say fuck George Bush in front page. See: Google AdSense Ban on

So, since 2005 to 2011, i did not run any ads.

In 2012 July, i separated out my articles to different domains, so that all my none-controversial articles (which is about 95%) can benefit from ads.

Then, Google ban'd my for ads. See Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Asian Goddess Sculpture Page and now is warning me about that troll song.

the moral here is, if you wanna make money, stay in line! Or, be one of those unscrupulous ad-ridden SEO site or a spammer!

so many people helped me in a difficult time. Thank you. Here's a record Xah Financial Crisis 2012-12

YoungBloodZ - Damn

Kim Jong-un Wikipedia 2012-02-10
Defaced Wikipedia page on Kim Jong-un .

two file related to the LulzSec around

What Are Some Reasons that You Do NOT Intend to Vote?

i think i voted once only, and that was i think the CA governor recall ~2003. (or was it something after that, some regional CA thing, i forgot)

at that time, i did spend huge amount of time to study ALL the issue, every item on the ballot, in detail.

though, in general i think voting is futile, for many reasons:

The sign lady disappeared. Sign Language Interpreter Girl Steals the Show

Taiwan, Taipei, GongGuan (公馆) District Street Photos 2003

The town i grew up. photos: Taiwan 2003 Wanshen Street