Xah Financial Crisis 2012-12

By Xah Lee. Date:

In 2012 December, i had a financial crisis. I asked for help publicly. This page is a record of it.

My life is on the line. In the past 6 years, my annual income is under 3 thousand US dollars. I need to find a job. Here's my resume: ../PageTwo_dir/Personal_dir/Xah_Lee_Resume.html. I started to look for a job few months ago. However, my last interview few days ago failed. This means, i'll need to raise $1500 in 6 days for Jan's rent. Else i'll be out on the street, and my life-time's computer data and website basically fucked. I'll post something asking for help tomorrow, maybe a public kickstart asking for help. Meanwhile, if you can help, let me know.

Xah Lee Asking for Help


Click the pledgie icon for full description. If you can help out, i'd grateful. If you have any questions, just ask me.

xah lee pledgie 2012-12-28
screenshot of the Pledgie,
xah lee 2012-12-25 073826-2

In 2 days, about 90 people donated, and fulfilled my request of USD$3k.

Donor List

About 90% of fund are are from China. Most donated $10 or $20. Some $50 to $100. A few $100 or $200. One $1024. There are some donated by PayPal directly, and some helped by buying my emacs tutorial for $5. [see Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial] Many have helped by spreading this on social networks. A few are anonymous donors.

Here's a public donors list from Pledgie:

I hope to add proper names to the list, with links to the person's site or social network.

Also, i hope to add people who donated or helped but isn't on the above list.

I'll try not to add any person who might wish it to be anonymous, just to be safe.

because the names from {email, social networks}, may all be different, so it's a lot work to add them. Please contact me to make your name and link correct. Or if you wish your name removed.

The following people have helped tweet or donated.

Also, my friend Huynh Kang has helped a lot.

Again, i probably missed several. Please contact me if you wish to be on record.

This person, Yibie, helped me. http://www.douban.com/note/255448054/ http://yibie.tumblr.com/day/2012/12/27


Many people have helped me pass the financial crisis. Majority of the donors turns out to be Chinese in China. I've chatted with a few and communicated in my Chinese blog. For the English readers, also many have helped, and helped me spread it on twitter. THANK YOU. Hopefully in next 2 months i'll be back on track as a backend web developer.

In the next 2 months, i'll focus on landing on a job and honing forgotten skills of industrial coding. e.g. trying to write code daily on MySQL, unix sys admin, PHP, Python. And also Ruby and Rails. The bread'n'butter programing skills often emphasize on expedient fluency, not how things work, design, philosophy.

I'll continue posting blogs meanwhile, probably things more related to what i'm reviewing, and other updates of older articles.

For the many who have helped, or have appreciated my blog, thank you very much. Hopefully in the bright future, i can return the favor in many ways i can.

Because i've been running a site over a decade, so i had a lot communication with readers (email or comment). Many just once or twice. Even though it may be hearty and lengthy at the time, i often remember the conversation but i may not remember all the names. So, if we chat again, please DO, remind me if i've forgotten.