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Brazil (1985 film)
Modern Times  Charlie Chaplin
Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin

Buy at amazon Modern Times

aco milkbar2
A Clockwork Orange, screenshots

A Clockwork Orange Buy at amazon • It's about street violence and its rectification. Wonderful is the erotic arts in this film.

the People vs Larry Flynt

the People vs Larry Flynt
the People vs Larry Flynt Buy at amazon

Larry Flynt is the founder of Hustler mag. With its unprecedented displaying of vagina explicitly, sans qualm that made him a millionaire, ensued public brouhaha, and he became a free speech hero. His case went to Supreme Court, and he got shot in the spine, and became a cripple since.

Born on the Fourth of July

born 4th july
Born on the Fourth of July Born on the Fourth of July

war drama based on 1976 autobiography by Ron Kovic

Fight Club

Fight Club

fight club demolition
“You met me at a very strange time in my life.” “Fight Club” Screenshots

A splendid love story. A philosophy experience for American yuppies. The Marla Singer character is Helena Bonham Carter. Her inordinate oddity is sweet.

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