Xah Favorite Superhero Movies

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these are typical idiotic movies, some are brainless fun.

the are, hollywood, american values, american humor, crash and burn, big trucks.

watchmen 2009 movie aa6d4
Watchmen 2009 Watchmen

who was the real hero in Watchman?

who was the real hero in Watchman? asked this guy on twitter 2018-07-09 https://twitter.com/primalpoly/status/1016460674363416576

Ozy take is dangerous. Because it's a gamble. Even if successful, it is not by far not the only solution. It can go wrong easily. It is, however, one brainless solution used by most politicians to climb the ladder. It's also the solution the pop believe it is, due to mass media.

The second most ostentatious character is Rosch. But technically, what Rosch is, is suicide. You stick to truth, 100% of the time, you perish, 99% of the time. If it really works, then everyone'd have stuck to just truth 100% of time and nothing else. There'd be no problems on earth.

the most eye-catching is of course Dr Manhattan. He's conceived to be most powerful, a demi-god. Even with variable cock. Philosophically, his roll is not very interesting in the story. At the end, he serves as the decider, rather, more as a story telling device for punch line.

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Love Iron Man. The whole series.

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Thor is not very good.

Thor   The Dark World 2013
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X Men Days of Future Past 2014
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x men are good. the first 3 too.

x men apocalypse
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Captain America The First Avenger
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Captain America The Winter Soldier
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the first Spider-Man is good, fighting the green goblin with jack-o-lantern.

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Spider-Man 2, fights doctor octopus, even better than first.

The Amazing Spider Man theatrical poster
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Fighting with the lizzard. not very good.