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Banquet movie
Banquet movie

The Banquet 夜宴 Buy at amazon Loosely based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Beautiful cinematography. Terrible gongfu fighting scenes.


titus screenshot 009
Julie Taymor's 〈Titus〉

Titus Buy at amazon Director: Julie Taymor. • Like other men, the part i really enjoyed and appreciated is the raping of the girl, the cutting off of her tongue, and then cutting off her hands and stick tree branches in the remaining stumps. I avow you to enjoy this timeless appreciation with me. Aside from the rape scene, i just love this movie for so many other scenes, and definitely the orgy scene. The scene where two heads are showcased by a circus-like clod and a red-headed girl is so attractive. The boy in this movie, the Goth queen and her 2 sons, and the black Aaron, and the emperor and Andronicus are all so arresting.

Here's full annotated text of The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus.

screenshots Julie Taymor's Titus

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