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Who Framed Roger Rabbit w73zh
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Buy at amazon

Fantastic. See also Why Don't You Do Right sung by Jessica Rabbit.

little mermaid poster qwb42
Little Mermaid Buy at amazon

Spirited Away • Directed by Hayao Miyazaki • great modern tale, exemplary of Japanese animation at its best.

The Ultimate Teacher 1988  Toyoo Ashida
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The Ultimate Teacher 最終教師 〔恐怖のバイオ人間〕 Buy at amazon

A original and outrageous comedy. The story runs around two characters, with a third in the end. A school girl leader battles a cockroachman. Later, a spiderman comes along. The cockroachman is a accident of a secret government sponsored genetic project. The spiderman was the project leader, now he is genetically engineered with spider's genes in order to match power and capture the escaped cockroachman…

Project A-Ko 1 poster
Project A-ko Buy at amazon

Fantastic comedy. There are a series of 4. All excellent.

Ghost in the Shell • Contrived touch of philosophy. Realistic but not perfect animation quality.

Culture Rape by American

Aladdin Buy at amazon Disney cartoon

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Buy at amazon Disney cartoon

Mulan Buy at amazon Disney cartoon

Pocahontas Buy at amazon Disney cartoon

See: Hollywood and Disney's Rape of Culture.


coraline movie wwvmt
Coraline movie Buy at amazon

Watched Coraline today. Pretty good. Better in first half. Not as good as i expected though, because i read the summary of the story on Wikipedia first and i think i'd love it. I didn't particular find the animation that spectacular, nor the story extraordinarily fascinating.

This movie reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth Buy at amazon , also a fantastic film. I think i liked Pan's Labyrinth better.

The technology of this film, Stop-motion, is rather fascinating. Basically, you just take still photos and sequence them together. I couldn't imagine how such method could make a good, smooth, animation, but apparently it can.

Typically, stop-animation is done using clays for characters, because clay is easy to mold. This film is done by 3D printing to create models. Amazing technology. Imagine, in order to create this film, the have to build miniature sets, and take tens of thousands photos of it. Quite amazing. Consider what it takes to build the miniature sets, little houses, chairs, dolls… in a sense, they are high quality toys, made by dedicated professional artisans invidually for this project, a magnitude superior than those mass marketed miniature toys you could by in toy stores. Fascinating. I wonder if they sell those sets and artifacts after the film.

pans labyrinth gyt2q
Pan's Labyrinth Buy at amazon

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