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what's a word that is a thing associated with a group and for some reason BECAME sacred identity of the group that any bad words on the thing is taken as insult to the group?

something similar to icon, effigy, mascot, statue… but i know there's a more proper word.

English: I'm a sybarite with lots fripperies!

The Tyranny of Twit Writing: Facebook Twitter Char Limits and SMS Abbrevs

English: Etymology of science

aspell's Dismal Vocabulary Size

cant and argot

A cant (or cryptolect) is the jargon or argot of a group, often implying its use to exclude or mislead people outside the group.

An argot is a secret language used by various groups -- including, but not limited to, thieves and other criminals -- to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations. The term argot is also used to refer to the informal specialized vocabulary from a particular field of study, hobby, job, sport, etc.

The author Victor Hugo was one of the first to research argot extensively. He describes it in his 1862 novel Les Misérables as the language of the dark; at one point, he says, “What is argot; properly speaking? Argot is the language of misery.”

examples of unix tech geeker argots: YMMV, TIMTOWTDI, RFC, RTFM, I-ANAL, shebang, lisp1 lisp2.


Patter is a prepared and practiced speech, that is designed to produce a desired response from its audience. Examples of occupations with a patter might include the: auctioneer, salesperson, dance caller, or comedian.

The term was originally a colloquial shortening of “Pater Noster” and referred to the practice of mouthing or mumbling prayers quickly and mechanically, without any expression of meaning or sincerity.

Latitude, Longitude, Meridian, Knots

Lincoln SteerTheScript Commercial 📺

today's homework: what's the difference between fornication and copulation?

and how to euphemistically describe the act in a way that's universally endorsed? the answer to that lies in the lyrics of The Power of Love.

transistor = transfer resistor

Poetry Appreciation: Maiden Love

Most beautiful poem. And the word of the day is: pine.

初恋女 (Maiden Love)

today's words: floozy, hussy, ingenue, canny, trollop, zeitgeist, dichotomy, flake, de rigueur, patsy.

they say poetry is like honey. This is like molasses.

The Littlest Harlot (Origin of Barbie)

moved to its own page. Shit Southern Women Say (slang, accent, Humor) 📺

the transcription needs work. Anyone?

Oscar Wilde tomb 77392
Oscar Wilde's tomb.

Oscar Wilde's Tomb and Quips

Polyglot: Young Man Speaks 20 Languages 📺