Xah Plasma Bomb

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This page is a documentation for the prototype of Xah Plasma Bomb. This product currently not on sale yet. This page is for beta testers and those who have pre-orderd the product.

Xah Plasma Bomb is the most effective, and most beautiful, grenade weapon, particularly designed for Linden Damage combat areas and Second Life Militaries.

Unlike traditional grenades, Xah Plasma Bomb contains 2 separate triggers, one for timed grenade and one for impact grenade. This lets you fire either one as the situation needs. (no need to switch modes first) The tiggers are chat command based, and comes with gestures, so you can be set to any hotkeys you like. But when sim is laggy, you can also press C or PageDown for reliable and immediate firing.



Wear it. (Right click on it in inventory, then select Wear or Add.)

Also wear the included gestures.

Make sure you are not wearing a gesture that uses the some key as above. You can look at what hotkeys for gestures are currently active, by pressing Ctrl+G.

Command Summary

Using Impact Grenade as Rocket

The impact grenade's speed can be set high, so it becomes a rocket. Type 「/3 s2 150」 to set impact grenade's speed to 150 meters per second.

Changing Trigger Hotkeys

The triggers keys to fire can be adjusted to any other key you like.

For example, if you like to change the trigger for timed grenade to the G key, follow these steps:

xah plasma bomb gesture hotkey2
Changing the trigger hotkey.

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