Xah Tech Warfare Generator Rezzer

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This page is the documentation of “Xah Tech Warfare Generator Rezzer” for Tech Warfare in Second Life. If you don't know what Tech Warfare is, see: Tech Warfare Guide. For Second Life, see: Second Life Screenshot Gallery.

“Xah Tech Warfare Generator Rezzer” allows you to easily configure your generator placements, for much added fun. You can buy it at SL Marketplace.

How To Setup

1. Unpack

Now, in your inventory, you should have these items:

Rez Control Panel and Gen Rezzer

Rez the control panel and gen rezzer by the following steps:

To test it is working, you can touch the Control Panel and see different generator configuration are rezzed. However, those generator are dummies. The next step is to place real generator inside the Rezzer.

Place Generators inside Rezzer

Do the same thing for blue generator.

Now you are all done!

To use the gen rezzer, simply click the Control Panel, and generators will be rezzed.

Setting Arena Size and Orientation

By default, the arena size is assumed to be 60 by 40, with the red and blue bases facing each other on the longer length. If your arena is of different size, you can change this. The following is how:

The rezzer will tell you in chat if it is set successfully. If your arena is rectangular, but you want to control the orientation of the bases, you can use a slightly larger value for one of the length. For example, if your arena is 40 by 40, and your bases are aligned on West/East ends of the arena, then you can say “40.01 40”. On the other hand, you your bases are aligned on North/South, you can say “40 40.01”

Thank You

Thank you for purchasing Xah Tech Warfare Generator Rezzer. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. My Second Life name is Xah Toll.

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