Second Life: Xah Particle Maker

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Xah Particle Maker 1.6.1 2
Xah Particle Maker.


Features for Scripters


Xah Particle Maker screenshot
Presets buttons. Click on them to generate the particle. Click on Random to generate random particles.
patterns picker
The Pattern Picker. Click on the pattern picker changes the general shape of the particle pattern.
color picker 2-s
The Color Picker, transparency slider, and the Sprite Size touchpad.
slider touchpads
Slider touchpads let you change parameters of your particle.
on off panel
The On/Off Panel. When a switch is on, it lights up red.
create script button
Touch to generate script in local chat.
set texture tool
Drop a texture to the face to make the particles use that texture.

Particle Parameter Display and Commands

emitter info display sprite info display
Particle Parameter Info. These are the parameters for the current particle.

Particle Galleries

Particle Galleries

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Xah Particle Maker