Xah Combat Aim Radar

By Xah Lee. Date: .
Xah Combat Aim Radar

Xah Combat Aim Radar is a HUD for Second Life combat. It tells you who you are aiming at.

This is a great item for increasing your combat effectiveness. Good for military sims, gorean sims, DCS, CCS, and in any situation you need to use gun or bow.


aim without radar 017 aim with radar 017
Before and After comparison.

Free demo version available at: SL Marketplace


Wear the “Xah Combat Aim Radar” as HUD at Center or Center2 position, then go mouse look. (To wear as HUD, right click the item in your inventory and choose [Attach To HUD ▸ Center].)

Each time when this item is worn, help message is displayed in chat.


Where To Buy

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