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Added a few more porn vids. Anal, swallow, orgasm … Fucking spend 4 hours self-sexing to them. Also re-organized my porn vid page a bit. You can watch them here: 〔http://xahporn.org/porn/index.html〕.

There are so many good ones that i'm not sure what's my point of adding them to my page there anymore. It used to be something like a collection of good ones according to my own preferences, roughly: no pretension, but orgasm, anal, deep throat, swallow, explicit, pretty chicks; not low lifers and drug-users and abused prostitutes and unwilling subjects trying to make a buck. Most importantly, the people show genuine enjoyment and not acted.

These days, quality porn vid is everywhere, free. Just 10 years ago, you have to pay, and rather be a porn movie connoisseur and spend significant time to find good ones. And, 20 years ago, you have to visit seedy shops in town or go underground to find them. Going further back beyond my time, there was the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Note that vid of fisting is illegal in the 1990s in US, that's why you don't see them, and companies that made them have been sued etc by moral asses such as the State goverment. Also, remember that anal sex or oral sex is illegal in many states in the 1990s. You can go to jail for it, and people have.

How society has progressed, largely due to side effect of communication technology advancement, in particular, the internet.

Andrew Martinez -- the Naked Guy -- Dead

In my college days in around ~1993, i read Time Mag from cover to cover, which lasted thru-out 1990s. There was then this Naked Guy making the news. Andrew Martinez. He'd walk around the University of California Berkeley campus and attend classes naked. So what happened to him? Well, after a while, UCB installed laws to ban nudity, he of course didn't fly with it so got expelled, then kept the naked stunt here and there, then gradually went into problem with the law outside of the domain of nakedness, then went in and out of homeless houses and jail, got diagnosed with Schizophrenia. In 2006, he suicided by putting a bag around his head while in jail. Aged 33. What a pity.

A interesting side note is that, his mom (Esther Krenn), in 2009, settled a wrongful death lawsuit against Santa Clara County, which paid her $1 million. (ref link dead on wiki)

Andrew Martinez 1992
«Andrew Martinez on the Berkeley campus in 1992, during his unclothed heyday.» (Acey Harper/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

The NY Times has a more gentler description of him:

Am starting this sex blog, of any thing that comes to my mind about sexuality (human or other animals), behavior, study, news, and erotica, and including hardcore porn vids. This blog is branched off from my main blog Xah Lee's Blog, so it is more subject focused.

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