Art of Michael Manning

By Xah Lee. Date:

These are by Michael Manning. His official website at

SM mermaid
From Hydrophidian (1997). Buy at amazon

A nubile female swimming underwater in a specially designed diving mermaid suit. Her thighs and legs are bound together into a mermaid tail, which allows her to dolphin kick effectively. Her head is entirely enclosed in skin-tight mask with a goggle, with a oxygen tube plugged into her mouth. Her torso is hugged tight in the suit with her arms bound to her back and waist cinched, with the exception of her breasts, exposed lusciously and swings freely as she undulates. Her lush hindquarters and pubic area are entirely exposed, with her asshole plugged with a enema tube. Such a underwater excursion, is a bless of nirvanian pleasure.

pony girls
From Tranceptor (1998) Buy at amazon

Here we have two pony girls serving their mistress, who is a member of a knight-like cult called Tranceptor. In this scene, we have two young girls erotically bound as horses of a chariot.